Now Slim Review

Now Slim Slimming PillsNow Slim is targeted toward the UK and are slimming pills that are billed as 100% natural dietary supplements.

The official Now Slim website focuses on a slimming testimonial and success story of a woman that reportedly shed over 8st (8 stones) after using Now Slim. Adele, the successful slimmer was featured in popular UK weight loss publication – Slimmer Magazine.

Some weight loss testimonials can sometimes be taken very lightly – occasionally it is not the slimming pill that is responsible for a slimmers success but the dieters change of lifestyle.

Now Slim offer a range of diet supplements and products and target both women and men – offering different products to each of the sexes.

Now Slim Product Range

Now Slim 160 Tablets – The revolutionary diet supplement that is 100% natural and made from ingredients using natural sources.

Now Slim 3 Day Trial Pack – Trial with the risk of a purchase.

Now Slim Diet Pills For Night Time Use – PM slimming pills, slim while you sleep.

Now Slim Extreme For Men – same as the standard product but targeted towards men.

Now Slim Hunger Strips – Tiny oral strips to curb hunger cravings and reduce appetite.

The range of products is very similar throughout and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Now Slim SIde Effects

100% natural ingredients that wont cause any concern if taken as prescribed.

Should I Buy Now Slim

A negative with Now Slim is that there is not a lot of information on the official website to state how they actually work – there is an appetite suppressant involved judging by the list of ingredients.

Where To Buy Now Slim

There does not seem to be a direct outlet for purchasing – commonly sold in Asda Supermarkets – and also on eBay – two diverse sources it seems.

Now Slim Alternatives

Unique Hoodia Slimming PillsSlimming pills that produce a reduction in appetite trail behind Hoodia Gordonii.

Hoodia is natural plant extract that is incredibly effective – although some Hoodia branded slimming pills are prone to over hyped.

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