Slimming Pills And The Placebo Effect

Slimming Pills and PlacebeosFor the uninitiated, a placebo is a medication that is without any trace of a compound that could treat, soothe or cure a health problem or condition.

Or to put it another way a fake or dummy medicine.

Our brain can be a complex and complicated piece of equipment and so sometimes the (unwitting) introduction of a placebo can sometimes cause an improvement in health – this is called the Placebo Effect

Placebos are commonly and regularly used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry to trial a newly created drug against a dummy drug to test its effect both physically and psychologically.

In clinic trial conditions, a drug containing nothing but a  placebo may be given to one group of patients instead of the active (or real) medicine or treatment in order to assess whether the real drug is actually effective.

Slimming And The Effect Of Placebos

In some circumstances the placebo effect has been shown to reduce symptoms better than the actual created (real) medication. Could a diet pill help you lose weight, even if they do not contain any active ingredient?

A slimmer could be given a course of slimming pills that contained no active ingredient and  could be informed that the drugs they were being administered produced a potent slimming effect – how would the results stack up against another slimmer that was given the exact same slimming pill but told they contained no active weight loss ingredients?

This sentence “In some circumstances the placebo effect has been shown to reduce symptoms better than the actual created (real) medication.” describes how the power of the mind can influence health and its ability to “cure” itself.

This also highlights the weakness of the mind  and its dependence on something for health and well being . A human being, it would seem can only heal itself if the mind is in positive mode and has some form of outside assistance allowing it to become almost passive and succumb to the effect be it is real or artificial.

Slimming Pill Placebo Effect

Slimming pills (manufacturers) that are available for purchase without the need of a prescription are guilty of utilising the placebo effect to their advantage. Marketing material is spun very positively in the media and a potential consumer is already in a positive mindset before embarking on the course.

Although the intention is not to produce a placebo, some less potent or weaker weight loss formulas rely on the “It says it works – therefore it must work” type mindset of consumers.

The bottom line is the effect that a placebo can have is relatively short lived, especially in the area of slimming . The symptoms of being over weight are physical and so after the honeymoon period as long since gone, the stark reality still exists.

The gap between the ineffective slimming pill products and the clinically proven initially can be tiny – but after a while, the desire to lose weight has to be complimented by something that actually works.

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