The Quest for Size Zero

Size Zero ModelDon’t most of us secretly nurture the desire for looking like the incredibly gorgeous models staring at us from a magazine page or walking the ramp?

As the world is witnessing obesity as a burning problem, the models and actresses are flaunting their ultra slim bodies.

Size zero is the smallest size of women’s clothing in the US.

Women all over the world are constantly bombarded with images of models and actresses who take pride in being ‘size zero’.

This has a dangerous impact on young minds that idolize these actresses and models.

Watching such slim bodies makes the viewers discontent and uncomfortable with the current size they are in.

Women are not leaving any stones unturned in acquiring size zero. Size zero boasts of a waist size of 24 inches, similar to that of a seven year old kid.

To acquire this size women are starving themselves to end. With one meal a day or may be going without that, women have set out on their quest for size zero.

In this dangerous quest women are surviving on liquid diet for days and end up fainting due to weakness. But the strong determination of transforming themselves into the smallest size makes them go further without food.

The craze for size zero has led to the introduction of size zero pills. Women are blindly adopting measures and overlooking the potentially fatal consequences.

The death of the 18 years old model from Uruguay, Luisel Ramos, and the banning of size zero in some Fashion Weeks are yet to shake us back to reality.