Tesofensine New Slimming Drug

A new slimming drug is about to be introduced to the market – the final stages of testing are being completed which could see Tesofensine available early to mid 2011.

Neurosearch, an experimental drug company are behind the new slimming drug, as yet there is no official branding and will be be known simply under its generic name (Tesofensine.)

Initial findings have revealed that is it could be twice as powerful as it nearest competitors (prescribed slimming drugs.)

Prescribed slimming drugs have received some pretty bad publicity of late with two very high profile product suffering withdrawals from the market. Both Reductil and Acomplia have been banned after some adverse side effects reported.

How Does Tesofensine Work

Tesofensine effects the brain, there are 3 different regions that the slimming drug targets and increases the transmission of 3 neurotransmitters, namely,  dopaminenoroadreneline and seratonin. All the neurotransmitters act to reduce appetite and increase the metabolism.

Dopamine is responsible for sending messages to the brain regarding the pleasure obtained from food, while noroadreneline and serotonin increase metabolism and reduce appetite.

Tesofensine is an appetite suppressant for want of a more detailed explanation.

Possible Side Effects Of Tesofensine

Currently there have been a fair few issue concerning safety. The most common newly discovered side effects were dry mouth, insomnia and intestinal problems.

When Will Testofensine Be Available

Presently there is no official release date

Can I Buy Tesofensine Without Prescription

Will be available via prescription only. It is highly unlikely that it will be available to buy online or over the counter (Boots, Superdrug etc) from the high street

Should I Use Tesofensine

Prescribed slimming drugs do carry a health risk – they are classed as drug classed medication and so should be taken with extreme caution and most definitely not without GP administration.

Alternative Slimming Pills

PhenQ appetite suppressant, fat blocker, fat burnerPhen375 is a powerful and yet safe sliming pill – it is non prescription and can be purchased direct

Phen375 is synthetically manufactured in FDA pharmaceutical registered laboratories using pharmaceutical grade components.

Phen375 can not only suppress appetite but also act as a fat burner.

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