LipoSeduction Carb Blocking Slimming Pills

Carb Blocker LipoSeductionLipoSeduction is another slimming pill that hails from a rather dubious yard – the same people that brought us Orovo, Orovo Detox and Lipovox are now touting their latest slimming aid, LipoSeduction.

The opening statement of Lose Weight 15 lbs in one month or your money back could prove quite costly to the company if the guarantee is honoured.

LipoSeduction 2250 is a carb blocker or carbohydrate blocking diet pill that comprises of 3 main ingredients all of equal quantity. The 2250 equates to 2250mg of active ingredients.

It is suggested on the official website that you’ll be fuller faster and your need for food will be greatly decreased – A large part of your carb intake will blocked from entering your system.

The formula itself is billed as unique.

Ingredients Of LipoSeduction 2250

  • Chitosan – A shellfish and crustacean based carb blocking ingredient
  • White Kidney Bean – or Phaseolus Vulgaris, good for absorption of fat
  • Glucomannan – a natural fibre source

The ingredient Chitosan is a bit of a worry as no much clinical data or medical evidence exists that it is effective or does not cause any long term side effects.

LipoSeduction Side Effects

Apart from the Chitosan relationship – the two remaining substances are not likely to cause any treatment effects.

LipoSeduction 2250 Does It Work

Any slimming pill that starts its introduction with a guarantee of a set amount of weight loss in a specific time frame are usually playing on the emotions. The connection it has with Orovo and Lipovox is real minus point.

Carb Blocking can be effective if your daily diet is very much carbohydrate based; Rice, potatoes, pasta, bread etc…

Where To Buy LipoSeduction

Can be purchased on many American focused weight loss websites and even on eBay. It is highly advised not purchased health products products as many private individuals can purchase in bulk and sell via their private account.

Alternative Carb Blockers

Dietrine Carb BlockerA better alternative is Dietrine – a more potent compound with a reputable company behind.

Dietrine is completely herbal based and does not cause any harmful side effects

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