C-plex 60 Slim Pill

C-plex 60 has been called the “Miracle Slim Pill” in a story run today in the Daily Star. What is this new diet pill C-plex 60 and how can it helps you lose weight?

“It can cut your calories by a third”

C-plex 60 launches today in Britain. It is an amazing diet pill that can reduce the absoption of carbohydrate in your food for up to 82%. This means in simpler terms that it can slash your daily calorie consumption by a whooping 30%.

With a reduced calorie intake procured by the aid of the slimming pill C-plex 60, a natural and safe weight loss is easily obtainable, even if you are on a “trucker’s diet”, as said in the Daily Star.

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What is C-plex 60

C-plex 60 is a seaweed-based drug that prevents the body to store the carbohydrates in the food that you eat. Carbohydrates or “Carb” is store in the body as fat!

C-plex 60 can reduce your absorption of carbs by up to 82%, meaning that you will reduce your  calorie intake by up to a third.

” C-plex 60 can help you shed 2 stones in a month “

C-plex 60 is expected to be the world’s top slimming product in 2011.

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How does C-plex 60 work

The seaweed-based C-plex 60 works by preventing your body to absorb up to 82% of the carbohydrate in your meal.

For exemple, if you eat a fish and chips of 1,265 calories, with the help of C-plex 60 you will only absorb 785 of those calories. This is the recipe of success in weight loss.

That way, you can enjoy as many guilt-free Christmas parties as you like, without seeing your waist expanding.

C-plex 60 has also the added benefit of stopping the insulin peak in the blood after your meal, which can prevent diabetes.

Where to buy C-plex 60

C-plex 60 can be bought on the official website. Contrary to other expensive slimming pill, C-plex 60 only cost £34.99 for 30 tablets, enough for a full month usage.

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