Chewable Alli Slimming Pills

Chewable Alli

Alli is a unique slimming pill, it is the only chemically produced slimming pill that is available to buy without the need for a prescription.

Alli is manufactured by pharmaceutical juggernaut GSK and has made all concerned an absolute fortune with its unique position in the market.

Upon its release it was met with a mixed reception as there was one particular issue with a rather embarrassing end result that somewhat muddied its arrival.

This issue was coined the “Alli oops”

Now Alli is available in a new format – a chewable slimming pill
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Is Alli Worth Taking

As touched upon above, When Alli was first made available, it had one issue that caused mush debate and controversy. On the face of it it seemed to be one small irritating issue that a few customers experienced but lead to many forum discussions.

This issue was know affectionately the “Alli Oops” and was a reference to a rather embarrassing anal leakage problem.

Alli has a mechanic of action whereby fat that is consumed is prevented (or a portion) from being digested by the stomach – the fat that is not digested passes naturally through the body and exits as you would expect – but the problem was it often lead to just a moments notice and sometimes left the user with soiled under garments.

Contrary to popular belief, Alli is not a miracle slimming pill. It’s a clinically researched slimming drug that is expressly to be used in conjunction with a sensible eating plan to help your own weight loss efforts.

It is claimed by the manufacturers that by adding alli to a reduced calorie, lower-fat diet it can increase your weight loss efforts by 50%.

In other words  for every 2 lb (1 kg) you manage to lose from eating healthily, adding Alli can help you lose 1 lb (1/2 kg) more.

Where To Buy Alli

Alli is available to buy from most chemists and high street pharmacies. Although it is classed as non prescription each potential customer will still have to complete a questionnaire detailing some general question about lifestyle etc.

Alli is also available to buy online from registered and authorised chemists – this route is perhaps the most straightforward and least problematic.

Currently Chemist Direct have a very tempting offer.

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Alli Diet Book

The Alli Diet Book – Alli Diet Plan

Alli Diet Plan UKIf you have been researching the various slimming pills currently available it is highly likely you would have  come across Alli – the highly advertised, publicized and promoted former prescription only slimming drug now available to buy over the counter.

Alli is set to be the best selling pill of the year, possibly of all time. To cash in even further the producers have now brought out a complimentary product to the pill – The Alli Deit Plan, a 360 page paperback book.

The Alli Diet Plan is detailed explanation as to what Alli is, what it does and any potential health risks or side effects that could be experienced.

The Alli Diet Plan

The first part of the book looks intriguing – it covers all the bases in a technical way explaing in detail that there are different enzymes that break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats and that the active ingredient (Orlistat) only prevents the breakdown of fat so that the other nutrients can slip through.

But rather strangely, after the first few dozen pages the book stops being focused on Alli and starts to become a generic recipe book.

Ideal if you are stuck for ideas on to how make use of some over mushrooms, not so if you have invested just under a tenner in anticipation of a revolutionary new diet plan.

Is The Alli Diet Plan Worth Buying

Removing the Alli slimming pill from the equation and concentrating squarely on the “Diet Plan” there is simply nothing there.

The plan, is just to eat sensibly whilst using the product. Paying £9.95 for this concept will benefit the company behind the concept in terms of profit – not the consumer

Where To Buy The Alli Diet Plan Book

The book can be purchased from most book stores either via the high street or online – plus of course the usual stockists such as Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and Sainsburys.

Thinking Of Trying Alli ?

Alli Slimming PillIf you are thinking of trying the Alli slimming pill it is highly recommended to understand what it is and exactly what it does.

Read about The Alli Slimming Pill


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Alli Slimming Pills – Where To Buy UK

Alli the new wonder over the counter slimming pillA new wonder slimming pill has been revealed and much publicized in the UK press.

Alli, the new over counter prescription grade slimming pill went sale in the UK and created much hysteria and stock levels have almost been depleted.

Alli – which is a lower strength version of Xenical has been on sale for over a year now in the United States, the user feedback, customer comments and dieters experiences in general are not as positive as you would expect.

From a commercial point of view Alli is marketers dream:

  • First Over The Counter Slimming Pill Thats Prescription Grade
  • Can Stop The Absorption Of A Quarter Of Dietary Fat
  • New Miracle Slimming Pill
  • Anti Obesity Treatment

From a user point of view the true fact are little less flattering

  • Reports Of Anal Leakage And Runny Poo Side Effects
  • Pharmaceutically Produced And Not A Natural Product
  • Not Thoroughly Tested On HumansFor Long Term Health Risks
  • Earlier Reports Linked With Colon Cancer In Mice

Where to Buy Alli Slimming Pills In The UK – Alli Appears to be Discontinued

UK slimmers have been buying Alli on the high street and via the web in their droves and could make Alli the Best Selling Slimming Pill of the Year.

The race is now on for high street and online stockists to see who can sell Alli the cheapest.

At the moment the most popular stockist is Boots the Chemist with Alli both in store and online

Recommended Diet Pill

Buy PhenQWe place PhenQ over and above Alli. PhenQ works in similar fashion but has more ‘strings to it’s bow’

PhenQ is multiple action, multiple benefit slimming pill that carries a 60 day money back guarantee.

PhenQ can help burn your excess body while stopping fat from accumulating. PhenQ is also a very effective appetite reducer.

PhenQ is also not likely to cause the side effects often associated with Alli

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