BioFirm Danish Detox From Boots

Biofirm Danish Detox

Danish Detox from BootsNew Nordic produce Biofirm Danish Detox Plan and it is supplied across Boots branches in the UK

The Danish Detox is not primarily aimed at slimming but more at the detox and cleanse market.

Detox is often overlooked and does play a vital role in the weight loss process.

Biofirm  is advertised as a plan but it really is a  supplement that is is based on a herbal formulation successfully used in Denmark and Scandinavia for over ten year

Danish Detox How Does It Work

New Nordic have developed a special form of pectin through clinical research.

This new form of pectin is ideal for people who are allergic to some citrus fruits – pectin allows a good supply of nutrients to the skin and helps to reduce the the build of waste material and fluid stored between the cells in the tissues.

Another process is cellulite reduction this happens in tandem and strengthens the connective tissue

Danish Detox Recommended Usage

the recommended daily dosage is to take two tablets with a drink (ideally water) three times daily for a minimum of two weeks.

Does Danish Detox Cause Any Side Effects

A completely natural formula and so should not cause any adverser reaction if taken as suggested.

Where To Buy

Danish Detox Buy From BootsThe most prominent stockist is Boots the Chemists – it is available from high street Boots branches or from the official website at a discounted rate.

Visit Boots Website

Alternative Detox Products

Perhaps the most popular detox products available are those that contain Acai Berry.

Acai Berry DetoxAcai Berry is largely regarded as the No. 1 superfood.

Acai can aid weight loss, increase metabolism, fight fatigue and increase protein levels.

Pure Acai Berry contains 1500mg of pure freeze dried Acia Berry

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Boots Alternative Diet Aid

Boots Diet Aid Review

Boots Slimming PillsOne of the most respected names in the health and wellbeing industry is Boots the Chemist. Boots stock quality products for health and beauty and weight loss.

The range of weight loss products is has to be said is rather limited.

The weight loss product with possibly the highest profile is the own brand Boots Alternative Diet Aid. It is a weight loss product that is centrally focused on using a diet aid together with a calorie controlled diet.


Alli slimming pill from BootsAlli the new wonder diet pill is now available in the UK. Alli is stocked at Boots the Chemist and several other online stockists.

Is Alli as “wonderful” as the hype would suggest?

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Boots tend not to over hype their products which is to be commended and do stress the importance of not relying totally on a diet pill to control and reduce body fat.

Ingredients Of Boots Alternative Diet Aid

The ingredients that make up the formula are rather sparse with the main components being

  • Dandelion Root
  • Kelp
  • Boldo
  • Fucus (a type of seaweed)

Any Side Effects With Boots Alternative Diet Aid

A herbal formula that will not cause any harmful side effects although it is stressed (by Boots) that anyone with a blood disorder that are taking Warfarin or Aspirin should seek advice from their GP or doctor before embarking on a course.

Boots Alternative Diet Aid Does It Work

A very cheap slimming pill (cheaply priced) that is sold exclusively at Boots the Chemist. Does tend to distance itself from the slimming pill type of product and tries to focus itself on being an all round diet and slimming aid.

Not the most potent of compounds but certainly worth a try. The diet plan and introduction that comes packaged with the product it not revolutionary.

Buy direct only from Boots high street stores.

Alternative Slimming Pills

Capsiplex – a highly effective fat burner that seems to be the feature of so many weight loss success stories in the media

Capsiplex sold out completely upon its introduction to the market and has sold in excess of 1 million bottles to date.

Capsiplex is called the “miracle slimming pill” and has within the formula an ingredient found in NHS prescription only slimming tablets.

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