Slendex Anti Cellulite Mousse

Slendex Anti Cellulite Mousse Review

A new anti cellulite cream (or mousse) has just been released to the highly competitive diet and slimming market. Slendex Cellulite Crackle Mousse to give it its full and correct title.

Among its celebrity advocates is Billie Faiers of TOWIE fame and former bad girl and Coronation Street actress Debra Stephenson. Slendex Mousse is available to buy on its own or for added benefit with a highly effective slimming pill called Appetite Control.

Reports suggest that cellulite affects over 80% women to some degree.  it does not discriminate, from the overweight to the super skinny and everywhere in between, orange peel skin can affect us all.

Cellulite can be embarrassing and unsightly and severely dent confidence – women often prefer to cover up than reveal their orange peel skin.

Cellulite affects everyone, even the famous and professional models can be plagued with the condition and sometimes want to exchange their skimpy bikinis for something less revealing. Britney Spears (left) apparently is no stranger to Cellulite.

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Slendex Anti-Cellulite Crackle Mouse How Does It Work

Slendex has been formulated by leading British pharmacists and has been rigorously tested and trialled to guarantee its efficacy and can significantly reduce and eliminate cellulite from the problem areas such as buttocks and thighs. It looks identical to a regular mousse and when applied to the skin produces warm feeling that is in fact a chemical reaction or the  “crackling effect”.

This reaction will put the active ingredients through microscopic shockwaves, propelling them to deeper layers of skin where it is most critical. The crackle technology has a three step process.

The first process burns fat droplets and inhibits and stops the formation of new fat or lipid droplets. The next process is similar in so much as it removes fatty deposits by getting rid of waste products from the body tissue which ensures a smoother skin tone.

The third process is to restructure the dermis and dermis epidermis junction – basically restructuring the skin.

‘Slendex crackle mousse is one of the most significant introductions to the anti cellulite market for a decade.’

Slendex Appetite Control

The slimming pill that is offered in conjunction with the crackle mousse is based on helping to cut down of calorie intake by suppressing the appetite.

Suppressing appetite is highly effective, GP’s around the world prescribe slimming products to recreate this effect – it can educate the body to expect less food without feeling hunger and contribute massively to long term weight loss.

Slendex Appetite Control has a natural ingredient called BioKonja a proprietary blend derived from the root of the Konjac plant. Other ingredients are Niacin, vitamins B2 and B12 and minerals Iron and copper.

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Slendex In The Media

The media has been very positive to both products with consumer reviews also being overwhelmingly kind.

Where To Buy Slendex

Can be purchased exclusively from the official website. The high street is does not yet stock the products.

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Apsire Calorie Burning Drink

Aspire Slimming Drink Review

Aspire is the low calorie slimming drink recently introduced said to help slimmers burn up around 200 calories per can.

It is available in just Cranberry flavour and can best be described as a refreshing soft drink.

Upon its introduction it was featured in several high profile publications including the Daily Mail that ran a story called “Diet Drink That Can Help Burn 200 Calories Per Day

  • Aimed at burning around 200 calories a day
  • Contains 5 calories (Kcals) per 100ml
  • Natural ingredients included in contents
  • One can provides a natural source of vitamins
  • Cranberry flavoured and lightly carbonated

Aspire Proof of Effect

Recently an experiment was performed at Leeds Metropolitan University who published the results of the effect caused by introducing Green Tea, Caffeine, amino acid and ginger at the same time in one formula ad if it cause a thermogenic effect.

Thermogenesis is the process whereby the body produces more heat to digest food and raises the metabolism expending more calories simultaneously.

The results although deemed authentic were rather limited and only featured 20 subjects – 11 men and 9 women. It has been suggests that the trial was too smal to draw any kind of typical conclusion.

Does Aspire Work – It is Worth Trying

Certainly has some evidence attached to it and worthy of using a part of your calorie controlled diet.

If you have serious ambition then it is worth investigating and investing in something else to at least compliment.

Where To Buy Aspire Slimming Drink

Currently priced fluctuate from £1.59 to around £2.00 per can. Holland and Barrett and Waitrose in store are the best choice for purchasing.

Alternative Fat Burners

Slimming products that burn fat are currently proving to be the most popular choice in the UK.

We have detailed a list of the top fat burning commercial products available to buy without prescription.

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Does Fullfast Work

Fullfast Review

Fullfast is the brand new slimming concept that incorporates clinically proven ingredients and an easy to use delivery system.

Fullfast is an appetite suppressant that can reduce feelings of hunger and help you to feel fuller quicker during a meal – all this in the form of an oral spray.

Suppressing appetite is considered to be one of the most effective forms of controlling daily calorie intake. Is the execution of this that some have difficulty with.

The average women of average height and average build requires approximately 1800 calories per day to remain at a healthy weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) – it is the will power that often prevents this from happening. Fullfast can provide the willpower.

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How Does Fullfast Work

The ingredient include a Hydroxytonin Complex which is rich in the amino acid 5-HTP – a nutrient responsible for the production of serotonin. Serotonin regulates numerous functions in our body, including regulating satiety (fullness). Research has indicated that low levels of serotonin can create hunger cravings, while regular or lower levels balances them.

Fullfast Media Coverage

Extremely popular in the United States and now becoming en vogue in the UK and across europe many positive reviews and testimonials isn publications such as:

  • Health and Fitness Magazine
  • Womans Own Magazine
  • Bella Magazine
  • The Sun Newspaper
  • Metro Newspaper

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Potential Side Effects

To date nothing of any great consequence has been reported or documented.

Is Fullfast Recommended

A perfect product for anyone who has issues with taking other diet products (pill form slimming products for example) .

Just 3 sprays 5 times a day to experience the appetite suppressing effect.


Where To Buy Fullfast UK

Available to buy from the official website costing £23.99 for a one month supply – discounts for multiple bottle supplies.

Not yet available in the UK high street at the likes of Boots, Tesco and Superdrug

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