Weight Loss and Diabetes

Sliiming DiabetesDiabetes and weight loss are interconnected. Diabetes, a polygenic disease characterized by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood, makes the patient overweight.

Ninety percent of the diabetics are overweight. It is very difficult to lose weight when one is diabetic.

A diabetic should indulge in activities that maximize the burning of calories. Swimming, jogging, and biking give satisfactory results.

A diabetic has to control the diet to decrease the sugar level. By introducing fresh vegetables and fruits, diabetes can be checked, if not cured. Limiting the amount of salt and sugar will also help diabetics to live a healthier life.

New ways of losing weight with diabetes are being devised. Specialists are of the opinion that a diabetic should consume complex sugar.

This will enable the body to use more energy in breaking the complex sugar to simple sugar, the only form which can be absorbed by the body. As more calories are burnt, gradual weight loss will be noticed.

Controlling the amount of sugar will prevent both diabetes and overweight. Weight loss will neutralize the blood sugar level along with blood glucose.

Losing weight should be the foremost aim of the diabetic. Losing weight, which is one of the hardest things with diabetes, can control diabetes.

During diabetes damage of cells are caused because the resistance of the body for insulin increases. The faster the weight loss program begins, the more effective it is. Weight loss is increasingly necessary for the Type 2 diabetes.

There are some medicines that are prescribed the endocrinologist to control blood sugar level. These medicines have ingredients that help the patient to restrict the size of the portion and consequently in reducing weight.

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