Chilli Pepper And Slimming

The media presents us with new diets, new weight loss angles and new approaches to slimming on an almost daily basis.

A majority of these appear to be the brainchild of an individual or the few.

One such slimming ideology that has gained momentum over the last few years is employing the use of hot chilli pepper to some degree.

Chilli pepper or cayenne pepper has been studied for the last 2 decades and many experts agree there is a definite link between between consuming hot chilli and thermogenic fat burning.

The problem in the past has been how to best use hot chilli pepper in slimming and weight loss products. Chilli is hot to taste and can cause gastric irritation.

It is only recently that this weight loss potential has been harnesses.

Scottish based Advance Health were considered by many to be the pioneers of making the fat burning potential of chilli pepper available to the masses with their release of Capsiplex.

Capsiplex contained a large quantity of chilli pepper – enough to be able to help the user to burn nearly 280 calories per day, even without participating in exercise. Capsiplex was coined the “Slim at your desk slimming pill

Capsiplex feautured a special coating on the pill that preventing gastric irritation.

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