Drinking Water For Weight Loss

Slimming and drinking waterEven after doing lot of diet control and exercises you don’t fulfill the expected weight loss and you start getting frustrated.

Do you ever think that how much water you drink? Is it sufficient for you or less! Or you may think that how water intake affects your obesity?

Yes, indeed it affects!

60% of our body is water. It detoxifies our blood and purifies major organs like liver, kidney, lungs, and intestines. During the metabolic process kidney needs water to wash out the slack.


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For lack of water it does not work properly and liver takes the additional workload of kidney making metabolism of our body affected. In this process, apprehending a draught in future, water gets stored in our body. Now if you can pump out this water you loose your weight.

How? Simple!

Drink more water so that your body never dreams a drought and dare to store water here and there.

Normally we should take 1.5 liters per day, add 1 more glass for the excess 12.5 KG body weight.

If you don’t have the habit for drinking more water you may feel uncomfortable in the beginning but slowly when your body gets habituated to take more water you don’t have to take the nature’s call frequently.

Along with the water you drink, the stored water will also start coming out slowly, and after certain period you will feel the effect reducing your obesity and weight.

As along with water toxins also comes out the blood also will be purified and it will reduce your blood pressure too. Not only that, your skin will be shiny as there will be no dehydration.

You will be able to work more in your work place as water will also dehydrate the muscles of your body.

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