Fahrenheit Slimming Pills

fahrenheit slimming pills reviewFahrenheit is the fat burner for women that claims to be a major breakthrough in fat loss.

Fahrenheit uses a super-thermogenic compound that raises metobolism whether you are at rest or at play.

As we age our body’s metabolic rate slows down making it harder for us to naturally get rid of excess calories and convert fatty deposits or fat storage into fuel for our body.

“Fat Loss Breakthrough For Women”

Fahrenheit suggests it has  answer. Fahrenheit though is not a million miles apart from many other metabolism raising slimming pills available – same product, different different bottle but similar appoach


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How Does Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit is predominately a fat burner that wordk on three different fronts:

  • Increases the metabolic rate enabling us to expel excess calories quicker
  • Alos prevents the storage of too much body fat
  • Can stop us from craving footstuffs with a high stratch content such as carbohydrates


A7-E Super-Thermogenic Gel ™ 30/500 [lauoyl macrogo-32 glycerides, p-methylcarbonylethylphenol, Sclaremax ™ (Proprietary sclareolide), 3,17-dihydroxy-delta-5-etiocholan-7-one diethylcarbonate, yohimbine HCI, piperine], caffeine.

Other Ingredients: Lauroyl macrogol-32 glycerides, gelatine, FD&C red 40m FD&C yellow 6, titanium dioxide.

Not exactly the most natural ingredient list we have reviewed!

Fahrenheit Warnings And Precautions

Expectant or breastfeeding mothers should avois, as should anyone under the the age of 18 years of age.

Fahrenheit Possible Side Effects

  • Nausea
  • Shakyness
  • Insomnia
  • Headache

Does Fahrenheit Work

User comments are less that flattering. Does not appear to have in the way of clinical dat attached to it.

Where To Buy Fahrenheit Fat Burner

Either from the official website or a multitude of independent third party websites that stock health and diet products.

Alternatives To Fahrenheit
Capsiplex – the fat burner that is constantly featured in the press, largely due to its ability to burn 278 calories per day while doing relatively little.

Capsiplex sold out completely when it was first introduced to the market and has sold in excess of 1 million bottles.

Capsiplex is called the “miracle slimming pill” and contains an ingredient found in NHS prescription only slimming tablets.

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