Fentraphen Slimming Pill Review

Another “phen” based slimming pill to hit the market is Fentraphen 37.5. This is advertised as a hard-core fat burner and can be compared to Phentermine which is a prescribed medication for losing weight.

At first glance, Fentraphen looks as if it might be quite effective. This is because it contains the same levels of the “feel good” substance Phenylethylamine (found within chocolate) and Synephrine as those that are used in Phentermine.

So, does this mean that Fentraphen is a hard-core fat burner containing safe quantities of pharmacy grade chemicals that can actually deliver results?

An Overview Of Fentraphen

Fentraphen is available in normal high street stores and from several online retailers (US only, the UK high street does not stock in store) for $60.00/£40.00

Fentraphen Pros:

  • It lessens appetite a little and will shed some fat
  • Unlike Phentermine, it can be obtained without a prescription
  • It leads to mood elevation

Fentraphen Cons:

  • It is over-priced when compared to other similar products
  • It is a strong stimulant and has to be used sparingly
  • It is unsuitable for those with a caffeine sensitivity because it has Synephrine HCL in its’ ingredients

What is in Fentraphen?

Although Fentraphen is a simple weight loss supplement, it is certainly not weak. Fentraphen 37.5 is a mixture of Phenylethylamine and Synephrine and these both are pharmaceutical grade chemicals which are present in a potent dosage. However, they are still kept to a safe level within this product.

Phenylethylamine (PEA) Found in chocolate naturally and can potentially lower your appetite and elevate your mood.

Chronium Picolinate Utilized for insulin management and glucose management.

Synephrine HCL – Used as a substitute for Ephedra in lots of well known fat burners, as it apparently produces all of the advantages of Ephedra without any side-effects.

The side effects of Fentraphen

Due to the potency of the stimulant Synephrine, you should be very cautious about the quantity you consume. Fentraphen can lead to blood sugar imbalance and low levels of blood sugar along with dizziness, restlessness, head-aches and respiratory issues.

Does Fentraphen Work – The Conclusion

Fentraphen is a straightforward weight loss pill containing big quantities of all its’ ingredients. It also includes just 37.5 mg of 2 chemicals which is sufficient to aid fat loss, reduce your appetite and sustain your weight loss efforts over the long run.

Fentraphen additionally offers a 90 day money-back guarantee should you not be satisfied with the results you get. As long as you combine taking Fentraphen with a sound exercise and dieting plan, you may lose a bit of weight.

Having said all of this, because of safety considerations, we can not recommend Fentraphen and would advise you to consider other fat burners instead.

Synephrine, the primary ingredient of Fentraphen, has been connected to many damaging side-effects and even heart problems in a small number of instances.

There are many other superior pharmacy grade fat burning products on the market that do not come with all of the risky side-effects.

Other Slimming Pill To Consider

If you are contemplating using a Phentermine alternative, Phen375 is pretty much viewed as the de facto.

There are many products trying to emulate the formula. Phen375 is both a fat burner and appetite suppressant, it has been formulated in FDA registered facilities and uses pharmacy grade ingredients while retaining its naturality.

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