Best Herbal Slimming Pills

Herbal Slimming PillsQuite literally millions if not billions of dollars and pounds are spent by consumers each and every year on slimming pills, weight loss tablets and slimming supplement.

Prescription only or doctor prescribed slimming pills are governed by strict guidelines and regulations and so a tighter reign can be kept on these weight loss products – most prescription only slimming pills are classed as medicinal or drug class and not available for the consumer to buy.

At the opposite end of the market is the herbal or natural weight loss products where the rules, regulations and control over these type of products is somewhat looser to put it mildly. The herbal slimming pill industry is very crowded and it is here that hype, over exaggeration and ultimately disappointment is commonplace.

While some pharmaceutical drug based slimming products are granted approval on the merits and safety of the product – others are granted approval through the power of the organizations behind the products. Money and profit can sometimes be the main driver. Read about Prescription Slimming Pills

Herbal Slimming Pills And Possible Side Effects

Some slimming pills can cause side effects – or treatment effects, whilst others are completely safe – although it is a misconception to assume that all herbal based products are safe and free from possible health risks. Most ingredients used in all genres of slimming pills have started out at some point being sourced from nature.

Herbal Slimming Pills Compared to Prescription Drugs

If the consumer were to think honestly most would prefer the natural alternative – but for some that luxury is not afforded. The obese and dangerously overweight need weight loss quickly and under supervision – this is why a weight loss drug such as Xenical plays an important part. More about Xenical here.

For the dieter that needs to lose weight and is not considered dangerously overweight the sheer choice of products is huge and confusing.

Cheap Herbal Slimming Pills

Where health is concerned, cheap doesn’t always equate to best – if price is an issue then there is real danger that the budget minded may pay for the privilege of a placebo effect and the only lbs they are likely to lose are from their wallet.

One of the most expensive natural diet pills is Hoodia Gordonii – an natural appetite suppressant that can take over 4 years to harvest. Hoodia has been clinically proven to work. More About Hoodia Gordonii here

Proactol is another natural slimming pill that is not cheap – a similar price point to Hoodia, Proactol can bind over a quarter of dietary fat intake from food consumed and reduce your calorie intake by 150.

Proactol has been clinically proven and has European and worldwide approval from the medical profession.  The ERSP a body set up to stop manufacturers making spurious claims about their product in an attempt to protect the consumer. Read about Proactol here