New Slimming Pills 2012

The commercial slimming pill industry has just experienced its most profitable and successful year to date – 2012 looks set to be even better.

April saw quite possibly the biggest shake up with a new ruling (particularly as far as the UK is concerned) meaning only products that have pedigree, certification or some sort of proof of efficacy can exist. This has basically meant the demise the dodgy slimming pill while simultaneously pushing the real, proper certified product to prominence.

With this in mind here are the top 5 slimming pills going into 2012 – if you cannot find something here to suit it highly unlikely anything will!

Nuratrim – Can Burn 380 Calories

Released in time for the new season (2012) and with it a blaze of media attention.

Nuratrim is a natural appetite suppressant and fat burner with a highly effective mechanic of action. The main ingredients are Glucomannan, Capsiscum, Green Coffee and Licorice Extract.

The Daily Mail has recently featured Nuratrim, drawing attention to its initial introduction earlier in the year when stock levels ran dry after its stateside launch.

Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Aniston have all been identified as celebrity customer according to the Daily Mail.

Nuratrim is documented as being able help you to burn approximately 380 calories per day.

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Capsiplex – Equivalent To Jogging For 25 Minutes

The original chili slimming pill that has spawned dozens of similar products. Capsiplex is the original and best.

Another commercial slimming pill that has enjoyed press attention with several stories throughout the year commenting on its success and also association with celebrity.

The lastest celebrity to find success using Capsiplex was former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallet.

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Proactol Plus – Can Prevent 27% Of Fat Being Digested

One of the industries longest serving products. Proactol Plus has accreditation and certification that not many other brands can rival.

Proactol Plus is both a fat binder and appetite suppressant – this dual action has been responsible for numerous weight loss success stories in many countries across the globe.

Proactol Plus is a completely natural product and has no side effects.

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