Use Proactol Slimming Pills Earn £24k Per Year

Proactol in the SunUK slimming pill manufacturer Proactol Ltd are advertising quite possibly the best job in world.

Newspapers such as The Sun, The Mirror, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail (even Derren Browns Blog) are featuring the story that a British slimming pill manufacturer are set to employ someone to eat an additional 400 calories a day whilst taking the slimming pill to prove its effect.

The position is for one year and the reward is around £24,000.

The Daily Mail has coined the story “A dream job for Homer Simpson”

“We are willing to pay you £23,750 a year to continue doing exactly what you do every single day, and all we ask in return is that you eat 16 per cent more calories a week  –  or 400 more calories a day  –  whilst introducing Proactol into your diet”

What Is Proactol

ProactolProactol Is a natural fat binder that can stop the absorption of around a quarter of the fat content from the food you eat. This unabsorbed fat does not get digested by your stomach and exits your body via bowel movements.

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The ideal person for the job should not already being participating a diet plan or using any other slimming pill or weight loss product but eat a healthy balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and be prepared to increase their existing calorie intake by 16 per cent a week by eating fatty foods such as Chinese takeaways, fish and chips, pizza or McDonald’s.

The successful applicant will be monitored throughout the year to gauge its success.

This is an incredibly brave move by Proactol because if the experiment is not a success the fact that it failed will create an even bigger news story.

Will It Work

This kind of experiment has been done before in the United States but not using a slimming product. American fast food chain Subway employed “Subway Jared” for a similar experiment. Read about Subway Jared

Proactol does have a proven track record was voted best slimming pill of 2008 and 2009 in a poll undertaken by the Telegraph. Succesful dieters were asked to list various weight loss methods and product brands that helped them achieve their weight loss goals.

If there is one product that this kind of experiment could prove a success – its Proactol.

Why Not try the experiment for yourselves …

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