Pro Shape RX Review

ProShape RxA fairly new weight loss product from an independent company that appears to have just the one diet pill in its range. Pro Shape RX is combination diet pill that is very much a herbal solution.

Herbal diet pills are very effective with the added bonus of being fairly side effect free. Nowadays Ephedra has been withdrawn and so there aren’t that many herbal slimming pills that produce any side effect at all.

Pro Shape RX leads with Hoodia Gordonii as one its key ingredients – the Hoodia used in the formula is original and certified and has the CITES certificate of authenticity.

Ingredients Of Pro Shape RX

  • Hoodia Gordonii – The most potent and best substance for suppressing the appetite
  • White Kidney Bean – Interrupts digestion and converts starch into sugar which in turn reduces the calorie intake
  • Beet Root – Normalizes the Ph levels of the body and helps to strengthen the blood
  • White Willow – When used in conjuntion of the other ingredients speeds up metabolism which helps to burn fat in natural and a controlled way
  • L-Methionine – Helps with the above process
  • Fenugreek Extract – Balances the sugar levels in the blood
  • Green Tea Leaf – Stimulates the the fat burning process
  • Chitosan – A natural fibre that helps prevent bile and cholesterol absorption

All the above ingredients are derived from herbs and certification that is clearly shown on the manufacturers website.

How Does ProShape RX Work

For an explanation as to how ProShape Rx works click here

Proshape RX Testimonials

A fair few testimonies and customer comments. More ProShape RX Success Stories

Is Pro Shape Rx Effective

Consumer reports are very positive, the website allows negative comments (even the most effective products do not have a 100% customer satisfaction rate) which is the complete other end of the scale to products such as Lipovox and Orovo that completely ignore any negativity.

All the ingredients are presents to suppress appetite and burn fat in gentle and safe manner. Possible weight loss could be 2 – 3 lbs per week.

Pro Shape RX Side Effects

Will not result in any side effects as the ingredients used are natural and from a herbal source

Is ProShape RX Recommended

One of only a handful of over the counter slimming pills that can actually validate the claims of  their medical approved status. A majority of the ingredients used are certified and not the cheaper uncertified alternative.

A recommended weight loss product

Where To Buy ProShape Rx

From the official Proshape RX website