SlimSticks Review

SlimSticks are the latest slimming product to be featured in the media – produced by Inovate Health and reported to be an ideal companion to your existing weight loss plan or diet or fitness regime.

Slimsticks are advertised as being geared towards helping you to significantly reduce your daily calorie intake by around a third if taken as recommended.

If you are involved or enrolled in a sensible diet  and eating plan the manufactures claim that for each 1lb you lose each week, you could expect to shed an extra 1lb using the product.

Imogen Thomas (a former Miss Wales) has appeared in the media recently exalting the benefits of the diet drink – Imogen has reportedly slimmed down from a size 12 to a 10 after using the product.

‘After a few days I started to notice that I was not craving as much chocolates and puddings after dinner. I also stopped thinking about food so I wasn’t grabbing crisps and snacks in between meals. That tends to be a big problem for me especially if I am rushing around in between photoshoots or meetings’

What are SlimSticks And How Do They Work

Slimsticks is an instant drink mix made from dietary lipids (palm oil) coated with galactolipids from oat oil.

It is very easy to use and can support weight loss by curbing hunger cravings. It works by reducing your appetite by helping you reach satiety (fullness) during the day.

Slimsticks can help you reduce your food consumption and also help restrict eating 30% fewer calories a day – combine this with regular exercise and you may soon be seeing weight loss results.

Benefits Of SlimSticks

  • Naturally formulated appetite suppressant
  • Can be combined with other products or diets
  • No harsh or crash diets involved
  • Side effect free
  • Critcally acclaimed

SlimSticks Side Effects

Nothing untoward has been reported – safe for human consumption if taken as recommended.

Pregnant or nursing mothers should not use unless advised otherwise by their GP or doctor.

Do SlimSticks Work

Although this product is new to the open market initial reports are on the whole positive. This may be a product that will revisit in the coming months when more customer comments and success stories have emerged.

Other Slimming Products To Consider

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PhenQ is arguably among the best selling slimming pills available to the UK – it has a large worldwide customer base and the backing of several well known celebrities

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