30 Days Diet And Detox

The 30 Days Diet is a new product that originated in Norway, became a huge success in the United States and is now coming to the UK.

It has some pretty compelling clinical data associated with it and is formulated by a company (Med-Eq) that has a proven pedigree in the diet and wellbeing industry.

30 Days first hit the headlines by introducing you to the concept of dropping 2 dress sizes in 30 days

The 30 Days Diet consists of two products that address the key areas that are often overlooked by a majority of slimming products in circulation. These two products are 30 Days Waistline and 30 Days Colon Cleanser. The diet system can be bought as a package or independently.

30 Days Waistline

This is a weight management tablet or slimming pill, that unlike a majority of its competitors does not tackle weight loss but fat loss.

The difference between weight loss and fat loss is weight loss is considered temporary as the most common form of weight loss is ridding your body of excess water, whereas fat loss rids the body of actual body fat. Relying on ridding you body of excess water is relatively useless in the long term as soon as you rehydrate you will put any weight lost back on again.

Waistline specifically targets fat around the middle, this is the most stubborn area on the body in terms of fatty deposits.

Waistline contains Beta Glucans. Beta Glucans are clinically proven to boost the immune system, alleviate stress and reduce inflammation all of which are believed to be key factors in reducing fat around the waist.

“dangerous substances expelled from our colons have often been lodged for months and sometimes years within the walls of the intestines”

30 Days Colon Cleanser

Colon cleansing is an often overlooked but vital area of weight management. A little known but rather disturbing fact is that the average adult could have as much as 10lbs of waste fecal matter laying in their colon or small intestines slowly rotting away poisoning from within.

It is not just the additional 10lbs of unnecessary weight than is cause for concern but expelled fecal matter can cause a whole host of related health conditions such as: bloating, acne, body odour, food allergies, crohn’s disease, IBS, psoriasis, eczema and even stool parasites.

The 30 Days Colon Cleanser is tablet form product that contains natural ingredients. It is does not contain anything artificial or genetically modified.

The 30 Days Diet

Although the “diet” consists of two separate products they have been specifically engineered to work together.

The manufacturers suggest that the colon cleanser is used first as preparation for the slimming tablet.

Where To Buy 30 Days Diet

Purchases can be made from the official website.

Waistline costs around a £39.99 for a months supply with the colon cleanser coming in £29.99.

Both products when purchased together can be bought at discount for around £49.