Belviq Slimming Pill Review

Most anti-obesity medicines or the weight loss drugs alter a basic process of the weight regulation of the human body either by absorbing the calories or altering the metabolism.

Belviq is a new prescription slimming pill which has gained the FDA or Food and Drug Administration approval, by providing a completely new alternative to assist the weight loss program. It works by releasing serotonins which signal the body that it is full and controls appetite effectively. Studies show that one among every three Americans is obese. It is a wakeup call for us to see how close we stand to fatal health disorders.

With weight loss options like Belviq, we can now lose weight without worrying about deadly side-effects. And doctors can now readily prescribe a drug to help their patients control weight without hampering their health or worrying about interactions with other medications.

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What is Belviq

This new drug works on the body by controlling the appetite, particularly by energizing the brain receptors to release serotonin. Serotonin is a kind of neurotransmitter which triggers the feelings of satisfaction and satiety in the body. Though serotonin is a common ingredient in many anti-depressants, the makers of Belviq have been categorical that the pill only seeks out the serotonin receptors which affect the appetite.

As per the clinical trial data which is submitted to the FDA, around 50% dieters who started using the medication properly have lost at least 5% of their starting weight. In order to get the best results, all the dieters are advised to take the medicine along with proper exercise program and healthy diet.

The wonder of Belviq lies in the fact that it needs to be taken for a relatively short time, around 12 weeks, and yet the effects can be felt for a long long time. It does not just makes you feel full for a longer time, it helps activate your metabolism which burns calories faster, helps you shed excess weight as well as help you to stay off the weight for a longer duration.


The primary ingredient in Belviq is a chemical compound called Lorcaserin hydrochloride.

Benefits of Belviq 

  • Helps lose weight
  • Brings in feelings of satiety
  • Activates metabolism
  • Burns up calories and fat faster
  • Manages weight to be constant for a long time

Side-effects of Belviq

This medication is completely safe to use for those people who are overweight. Apart from that, people who have any kind of weight related health problems like as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes can easily take Belviq without worrying about deadly side-effects. It does not affect the heart or cause any serious disorder which is the most worrisome part of taking a diet pill.


The trial run is over; the pill has been officially launched after approval by the FDA. However, post launch trials and tests are still on at the Arena lab. Once the manufacturers have completed these they will release the drug for sale in markets around the globe, by 2013. The pricing and distribution network will also be detailed then.