Adios Max Slimming Pills

Adios Max Review

Adios Max BoxAdios Max is the new higher strength version of the original Adios. More about original Adios

A striking new (red) brightly coloured box distinguishes it apart form the previous product.

Slightly more expensive than the original, Adios Max is still very much at the budget end of the slimming pill market

So, brand new packaging apart is Adios Max better than its predecessor.

Adios Max Explained

Contained within the formula is a natural herbal active ingredient called rather amusingly fucus dry extract that derives from a type of algae.

The fucus dry extract aids the weight loss process by speeding up the body’s metabolism as long as it is taken along side a calorie controlled diet.


Capsiplex – The Miracle Slimming Pill

Capsiplex is now available in the UK. Coined the “Miracle Slimming Pill” by the British media, Capsiplex is based on capsicum, red hot chili powder.

It is suggested that using Capsiplex can burn just as many calories as jogging for 20 minutes.

It has an association with the NHS but available to buy direct without prescription.

Capsiplex has been responsible for numerous weight loss success stories. Does it actually work.

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It is suggested on the official Adios website that to benefit the most and get the best weight loss results, make sure you combine taking Adios Max with a healthy calorie-controlled diet and exercise.

Differences Between Adios Original And Adios Max

Adios Max is just a higher strength and increased dosage – no additional ingredients appear to present.

Adios Max Side Effects

Adios Max should not cause a health issue or produce any side effects. As a precautionary measure do not use Adios Max (or the original) if…

  • You are under 16
  • You could suffer allergic reaction to any of the ingredients
  • You are pregnant or nursing a child
  • You have a thyroid problem

Does Adios Max Work

Very hard to recommend as Adios Max is just an average fat burner.

Where To Buy Adios Max

Most of the usual suspect in the high street – plus available to buy online form Holland and Barrett

Alternative Slimming Pills

There are several slimming pills available to buy without prescription that can offer you an outstanding chance of weight loss success.

Although cheap Adios is not worth investing time into. Capsiplex, Proactol Plus and Phen375 all have shown excellent results

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Adios Diet Tablets

Adios Slimming Pills Reviewed

Adios is one of the most widely available slimming pills on the market – available to buy without prescription.

It is sold in the USA, UK and throughout Europe. The blue & green box with the egg timer is very familiar. So familiar in fact that it can be bought from nearly every health store that stocks dieting products.

A Natural Aid For Slimming and Speed Up Weight Loss are emblazoned across the packaging which would give the impression this is everything ever wanted in a weight loss pill – plus the fact that it is rather cheap. the cheapest we have found is £5 (even $5)  per 100 capsules on eBay.

New, Higher Strength Adios Max Now Available

What Is Adios

Adios is a completely natural combination of herb – there is a very sparse list of ingredients that include:

  • Fucus – which is a type of seaweed
  • Boldo
  • Butternut
  • Dandelion Root

Adios is supposed to increase your metabolic rate so your body will burn fat quickly. As to how this is supposed to happen looking at the herbal ingredients included is remarkable.

Adios Side Effects

Does not cause any harmful side effects – a more likely scenario is that Adios will not cause anything at all.

Is Adios Recommended

This a very cheap diet pill with even cheaper results, Adios is not recommended as a serious diet aid.

Where To Buy Adios

Adios is available to buy in most health stores including Holland and Barrett, Boots, Superdrug etc.

Adios original is starting to be phased out is beginning t

Alternatives To Adios

A recent addition to the fat burner genre is Capsiplex.

Capsiplex has received unprecedented media coverage and not without good reason. It contains capsicum (chili) an ingredient that is clinically proven to burn fat very quickly.

UK newspapers dubbed Capsiplex as the Miracle Slimming Pill.

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