What Is The Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet ReviewDr. Robert Atkins conceptualized a very popular diet program in the year 1972. He has written several books about this diet pattern too.

According to him, you can reduce weight effectively by eating minimum carbohydrate but more fat and protein. It is more of a guide to a lifestyle to remain healthy, happy, slim, and trim.

It contains four basic transitional phases. Such as:

a) The Induction Phase: It is the first and restrictive phase and takes a few weeks only. This phase mainly re-sets your metabolic system. You can eat cheese, meats, salads and some selected vegetables, but carbohydrate is restricted to below 20 grams a day only. Your body will attain ‘ketosis’, in which the body fat will be burnt efficiently to obtain energy. As a result carbohydrate will be less required.

b) Ongoing Weight Loss Phase: In this phase you will be allowed to take some low-carb diets. Increase the intake of carbohydrate by 5 grams everyday till your weight stops reducing. Then you reduce it again by 5 grams per day. Gradually you can lose 5 to 8 pounds per month in an absolute healthy way.

c) Pre-Maintenance Phase: Now you are approaching you target weight slowly. Start adding carbohydrate 10 grams per day. Stay low-carb and never overshoot your daily intake limit of 10 grams and proceed for the final stage.

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d) Lifetime Maintenance: Now you have attained your goal but maintain a healthy diet pattern with nutritious, low-carb food, and sufficient water for the rest of your life.

As it is based on a completely scientific process, it works but can be prone the weight loss yoyo effect.. Before adopting the diet plan you should consult your physician who is well aware of your system.

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