Chili Pepper Slimming Pills

Chili Pepper Thermo Slimming Pills

Holland and Barrett have introduced a new slimming pill to their already impressive range of weight loss products.

Chili Pepper Thermo – a slimming pill that utilizes the concept of cayenne pepper to burn fat.

The media over the last few years has written many column inches highlighting the positive effect chili pepper can have towards burning excess body fat and ultimately weight loss.

This has spawned many slimming pill products containing some form of chili pepper.

So What Of Chili Pepper Thermo

There appears to be very little information surrounding this product bar a brief detail of the ingredients. Apart from chili pepper there is green tea, caffeine and ginger root.

For give this rather weak review – there is a product that is become synonymous with the whole chili pepper slimming genre – this product is Capsiplex.

Its hard to review a product and give it a fair representation when the industry leader exists and has a rather impressive story.

Capsiplex was one of the first slimming pills created using cayenne pepper as a main ingredient – such was the success of its introduction that many stockists as well as the official website sold out after three days. It has now sold a reported 1.5 million bottles worldwide.

Several British newpapers ran the story with one even headlining the story on the front page.

If you are tempted to experience the fat burning benefits of a chili pepper slimming pill there is only really one choice.

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Chili Burn Slimming Pills

Chili Burn

Chili Burn slimming pillsChili Burn is based on the idea that red hot chili is a highly effective fat burner – a philosophy that Capsiplex capsitalised on at the start of the year.

It is manufactured by New Nordic and has apparently been in the development stage for several years prior to release.

The basic principle centres around calorie expenditure and fat burning.

“The principle is simple – the aim is to safely increase your calorie expenditure. As your body burns more calories, you slowly, but surely, lose weight by burning stored fat.”

How Does Chili Burn Work

Chili Burn contains all natural ingredients, such as green tea, chili, ginger and dill. This slimming pill has been in development for 7 years, and recent science has clearly shown that it does have the ability to burn fat.

Chili Burn Side Effects

The long term side effects are largely unknown

Does Chili Burn Work

Still new to the open market and so not much in the way of testimonials, customer feedback and user comments.

Where To Buy Chili Burn

In store at Holland and Barrett or several other leading UK slimming and health food specialists.

Is It Recommended

This product is still new and so we cannot give our full support until some creditable feedback has emerged.

Alternative Diet Pills

Capsiplex is the original Chili slimming pill, it is the slimming product that is grabbing media attention.

Capsiplex is being called the miracle slimming pill and also has an ingredient that is usually only found in prescription only slimming tablets.

It is suggested that using Capsiplex can equate to reducing calorific consumption by around 280 per day

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Capsiplex Slimming Pills Slim At Your Desk

Capsiplex Review

Capsiplex is latest slimming pill to enter the market and is poised to be a big seller this year. Sales are already in step with last years smash hit Alli Orlistat.

Capsiplex is combination of chili and capsicum – its manufacturers claim the slimming pill can burn as many calories as jogging for 25 minutes.

The manufacturers also claim that it has a wide usage in Hollywood with high profile celebrities such as Britney Spears, Brad Pitt and J-Lo amongst its advocates.

Capsiplex Slim At Your Desk

The Capsiplex adverting campaign being used in the UK employs the clever use of the phrase Slim At Your Desk

Capsiplex celebrity slimming pills

Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Britney Spears are said to be among some of the Hollywood A list that use Capsiplex

It is also claimed that trials have proved that the slimming pill can burn 278 more calories that regular exercise and 12 times more calories after exercise.

It is also being hailed by the NHS as the miracle fat pill that could prevent obesity.

It is not available via prescription but can be purchased from the official Capsiplex store.

There is currently a special offer available direct at the Bauer Nutrition website. Bauer Nutrition are the sole worldwide stockists of Capsiplex
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The media has featured the fat burner of numerous occasions with The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Sun And Mirror with many health and lifestyle publications highlighting its benefits.

Recently former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett revealed her slimmer figure in host press releases in the media.

She attributed Capsiplex at the catalyst for her slimming success.

Read about Roxanne Pallett’s Capsiplex experience

Capsiplex Slimming Pills

Capsiplex With Chili And Capsicum – How Does It Work

Chili CapsiplexIt has been thought for some time that red hot peppers have potential for weight loss – the problem until now is the ingesting of a high concentration without causing gastric irritation.

The manufacturers have said to overcome this by using a special coating.

Capsicum Extract, it is claimed, reduces appetite, increases metabolism, burns calories, reduces body mass and reduces body fat.

So the two combined seem like a weight loss marriage made in heaven!

Capsiplex Side Effects

The ingredient used are 100% natural so it highly unlikely any adverse reaction should occur. This product is also suitable for vegetarians.

Does Capsiplex Work

Capsicum has had over 30 years of study and accompanying data. Capsiplex delivers the highest strength dosage of Capsicum compared to any other commercial or prescription diet pill.

The user feedback is extremely positive.

Highly Recommended

Where To Buy Capsiplex UK

Capsiplex can be purchased from the official website prices start at £29.99 for one month supply.

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Capsiplex is not available to buy at Tesco, Boots, Superdrug


Capsiplex has witnessed unprecedented sales due mainly to its media coverage in the national newspapers.

Capsiplex The NHS Diet Pill

Capsiplex is now available to buy in Germany