Cylaris Slimming Pills Review

Cylaris Slimming Pills ReviewIn recent times Cylaris has become synonymous with the cheap slimming pills type product. Cylaris is lot like Viagra in so much as they are both products that are targeted by the spam emailers.

A common title that has almost certainly hit your inbox at one time or another is Buy Cheap Cylaris. Our advice is to hit the delete button.

Cylaris, according to the makers is a weight loss formula and not just a slimming pill. The makers are also keen to underline the fact that Cylaris is a clinical breakthrough and the strongest weight loss formula ever.

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The phrase miracle slimming pill has often been banded around.

Cylaris – What Is It

In reality Cylaris is anything but a miracle slimming pill – a combination of vitamins and caffeine that seem to be cobbled together.

Side Effects Caused By Cylaris

Little documentation exists – consumer reviews are muted, the possible side effects that may arise are.

  • Anxiety
  • Raised Blood Pressure
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Seizures
  • Palpatations
  • Allergic Reaction

Cylaris – Does It Work

The discovery that hard to overcome is that the results of the clinical trial appear to be conducted inhouse. Medical reserach that has not be undertaken by an independant source can be discounted.

Until an independant clinical trail has been carried we will have give Cylaris the thumbs down.

Buy Cylaris

If you do intend to buy Cylaris – it can be purchased online at many outlets and websites.

Alternatives To Cylaris

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