EPH 30 + Review

Atom Eph 30+ is manufactured by Atom Labs to replace their Eph HCL supplement for weight loss, which was previously banned. Eph 30mg used to be a popular product among those trying to lose weight fast.

Many claimed that it helped them, even if they had struggled significantly with weight loss before, and it certainly sold very well for several years.

The Eph HCL supplement was largely thought to be an effective fat burner which also contained energy boosting properties.

This ensured that Eph 25+ became just as popular among those wanting to shed the pounds, while expending the least amount of effort, and among those attempting to slim down and tone their muscles with intensive workouts in the gym.

“The mere mention of fat burners turns thoughts towards the excellent Capsiplex. While Capsiplex exists all other fat burning supplements are considered by many to be nothing more than a compromise.”

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When mixed with aspirin and caffeine, Eph HCL produced something that was called an E.C.A. stack. When taken as an element of an E.C.A. stack, Eph HCL would produce results that were even more impressive in users trying to build muscle, burn fat and increase the intensity of their gym workouts.

Atom Eph 30+ Ingredients Per Tablet

15mg L-Tyrosine

30 mg Trimethylxanthine

30 mg Activ-Hcl

One Tablet is meant to be consumed three times daily, along with an eight ounce glass of h2o. To increase energy, users are instructed to consume a tablet half-an-hour prior to workouts. No more than three tablets each day are meant to be taken.

The Side-Effects of Atom Eph 30+

While the primary Atom Eph 30+ effects are increased energy and weight loss, some users might encounter side-effects like sleeplessness, irritability or a dry mouth. Such side-effects are said to be temporary though, and apparently stop once the body adapts to Atom Eph 30+. Should these symptoms remain however, users are advised to contact their GP immediately.

Nursing or pregnant mothers, children below 18 years and people on a course of prescription drugs are advised not to purchase Atom Eph 30+. Users who suffer from pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, hyperthyroidism, heart disease, or who are taking anti-depressant medication are also instructed not to buy Atom Eph 30+. Nor should Atom Eph 30+ be used by people wishing to eradicate stimulants, like caffeine, from their diets – because the product does contain these.

Atom Eph 30+ Advantages

Some of the claimed advantages of Atom Eph 30+ are:

  • Heightened metabolism
  • Effective fat burning
  • As much as a thirty percent increase in levels of energy
  • Potent appetite suppressor
  • Great thermogenic properties

Does Eph 30 +Work

If you are looking for an effective fat burner and rapid weight loss, with a reduced risk to your health, then Atom Eph 30+ might be a good product to consider. Although, in view of the small quantity of customer feedback online, and the fact that the manufacturer’s previous product was banned, it may be better to wait until more is known about this supplement before taking the plunge.

Where To Buy EPH 30

Best option would be via the Atom Labs website – there does not appear to be a high street stockist in the UK. Boots, Tesco or Holland and Barrett does supply.

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The mere mention of fat burners turns thoughts towards the excellent Capsiplex. While Capsiplex exists all other fat burning supplements are considered by many to be nothing more than a compromise.

Capsiplex has enjoyed its fair share of media attention. Not least when it was first introduced when it sold out just after a few days of release. It is now one of the best selling slimming pills in not just the UK but worldwide.

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