Zotrim Herbal Slimming Pills

Zotrim Over The Counter Slimming Pill

Zotrim Slimming PillsZotrim has been in existence since 2001 – it is a familiar product to UK consumers but fairly undiscovered overseas.

This is a real pity as the biggest negative that can be attached to Zotrim is its fairly inconspicuous marketing attempts (until recently).

Boots the Chemist, Superdrug, Tesco and a majority of the regular stockists of over the counter slimming pills and health products appear to favour big name brands over product efficacy.

This year has witnessed the introduction of two new arrivals to the over the counter market – Alli ,the chemically produced diet drug from GlaxoSmithKline and the natural “seaweed” slimming pill Appesat

These additions appears to awoken Zotrim from its slumber.

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What Is Zotrim

A natural and herbal slimming aid that is designed to reduce calorie intake by suppressing appetite before, during and after a meal and also providing an increase in energy levels giving the dieter extra incentive to burn calories.

Less Calories Taken In: The ingredients can make you feel full sooner (suppress appetite) during a meal and for longer after a meal so you eat and snack less.

More Calories Burned: Zotrim can help you to feel invigorated and more energetic so that you are more active and subsequently burn calories.

Zotrim includes Yerba Mate, Damiana and Guarana among its ingredients

A better more detailed explanation can be found on the official Zotrim Website

Zotrim Does It Work

Marketing and advertising become almost redundant if the product does not live up to expectation.

Zotrim may trail behind in the marketing stakes but product effect is something where it truly excels.

With no fewer that 8 independent clinical trials dating back to 2001 with The British Food Journal and Kings College London among the authors, Zotrim is both clinically proven to aid the weight loss process and verified to be completely safe and side effects free.

UK consumers may have watched a recent BBC2 television programme entitled The Diet Clinic that featured Professor Lesley Regan and her dogged investigation into the truth behind the claims that over the counter slimming pill producers were making concerning the efficacy of their products.

Zotrim Slimming Pills On Diet ClinicProfessor Regan  (for the uninitiated)  was responsible for exposing the anti ageing and beauty lotion industry after discovering that most beauty product manufacturers were making unsubstantiated claims.

Professor Regan examined high profile brands such as Lipobind, Adios and Boots own brand Diet Aid.

A majority of the high profile brands took a battering with only Zotrim escaping unscathed.

“The only slimming pill that could show a definite link between weight loss and their product was a herbal slimming pill, called Zotrim, ann appetite suppressant. Their research had been published in reputable journals and conducted with a controlled group  – Professor Lesley Regan

Where To Buy Zotrim

Zotrim is available to buy over the counter in many high street outlets as well as direct from the official Zotrim Webite.

Buy Zotrim Cheapest DirectZotrim can cost from £15.95 for on month supply to £11 per packet (based on quanity discount)

Visit Zotrim Website


Adios Max Slimming Pills

Adios Max Review

Adios Max BoxAdios Max is the new higher strength version of the original Adios. More about original Adios

A striking new (red) brightly coloured box distinguishes it apart form the previous product.

Slightly more expensive than the original, Adios Max is still very much at the budget end of the slimming pill market

So, brand new packaging apart is Adios Max better than its predecessor.

Adios Max Explained

Contained within the formula is a natural herbal active ingredient called rather amusingly fucus dry extract that derives from a type of algae.

The fucus dry extract aids the weight loss process by speeding up the body’s metabolism as long as it is taken along side a calorie controlled diet.


Capsiplex – The Miracle Slimming Pill

Capsiplex is now available in the UK. Coined the “Miracle Slimming Pill” by the British media, Capsiplex is based on capsicum, red hot chili powder.

It is suggested that using Capsiplex can burn just as many calories as jogging for 20 minutes.

It has an association with the NHS but available to buy direct without prescription.

Capsiplex has been responsible for numerous weight loss success stories. Does it actually work.

Read the Capsiplex Review


It is suggested on the official Adios website that to benefit the most and get the best weight loss results, make sure you combine taking Adios Max with a healthy calorie-controlled diet and exercise.

Differences Between Adios Original And Adios Max

Adios Max is just a higher strength and increased dosage – no additional ingredients appear to present.

Adios Max Side Effects

Adios Max should not cause a health issue or produce any side effects. As a precautionary measure do not use Adios Max (or the original) if…

  • You are under 16
  • You could suffer allergic reaction to any of the ingredients
  • You are pregnant or nursing a child
  • You have a thyroid problem

Does Adios Max Work

Very hard to recommend as Adios Max is just an average fat burner.

Where To Buy Adios Max

Most of the usual suspect in the high street – plus available to buy online form Holland and Barrett

Alternative Slimming Pills

There are several slimming pills available to buy without prescription that can offer you an outstanding chance of weight loss success.

Although cheap Adios is not worth investing time into. Capsiplex, Proactol Plus and Phen375 all have shown excellent results

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Herbal Slimming Pills

Best Herbal Slimming Pills

Herbal Slimming PillsQuite literally millions if not billions of dollars and pounds are spent by consumers each and every year on slimming pills, weight loss tablets and slimming supplement.

Prescription only or doctor prescribed slimming pills are governed by strict guidelines and regulations and so a tighter reign can be kept on these weight loss products – most prescription only slimming pills are classed as medicinal or drug class and not available for the consumer to buy.

At the opposite end of the market is the herbal or natural weight loss products where the rules, regulations and control over these type of products is somewhat looser to put it mildly. The herbal slimming pill industry is very crowded and it is here that hype, over exaggeration and ultimately disappointment is commonplace.

While some pharmaceutical drug based slimming products are granted approval on the merits and safety of the product – others are granted approval through the power of the organizations behind the products. Money and profit can sometimes be the main driver. Read about Prescription Slimming Pills

Herbal Slimming Pills And Possible Side Effects

Some slimming pills can cause side effects – or treatment effects, whilst others are completely safe – although it is a misconception to assume that all herbal based products are safe and free from possible health risks. Most ingredients used in all genres of slimming pills have started out at some point being sourced from nature.

Herbal Slimming Pills Compared to Prescription Drugs

If the consumer were to think honestly most would prefer the natural alternative – but for some that luxury is not afforded. The obese and dangerously overweight need weight loss quickly and under supervision – this is why a weight loss drug such as Xenical plays an important part. More about Xenical here.

For the dieter that needs to lose weight and is not considered dangerously overweight the sheer choice of products is huge and confusing.

Cheap Herbal Slimming Pills

Where health is concerned, cheap doesn’t always equate to best – if price is an issue then there is real danger that the budget minded may pay for the privilege of a placebo effect and the only lbs they are likely to lose are from their wallet.

One of the most expensive natural diet pills is Hoodia Gordonii – an natural appetite suppressant that can take over 4 years to harvest. Hoodia has been clinically proven to work. More About Hoodia Gordonii here

Proactol is another natural slimming pill that is not cheap – a similar price point to Hoodia, Proactol can bind over a quarter of dietary fat intake from food consumed and reduce your calorie intake by 150.

Proactol has been clinically proven and has European and worldwide approval from the medical profession.  The ERSP a body set up to stop manufacturers making spurious claims about their product in an attempt to protect the consumer. Read about Proactol here