Water Slimming Pills

Water Pills For Water Retention

Water Pill for water retentionA commonly sought slimming pill is the Water Pill

Water pills are aimed at getting rid of excess water (water retention) buy flushing the system using a diuretic.

Diuretcis are used by people seeking to lose weight quickly – but on almost all occasions they are prone to both putting the weight straight back on again and not as harmless as they may first seem.

The water pill sounds quite harmless – but weight loss is not what diurectics are intended for first and foremost.

What Are Water Pills For

The primary intended use has little to do with weight loss. Diuretics have just a few distinct medical uses, hypertension ( reducing high blood pressure,) and treating some heart conditions.

They can also be used cyclically for no more than one week in every month by women with premenstrual fluid retention.

Diurectics remove sodium from the kidneys – excess water is also removed or flushed away in this process. The water is regained once the body is rehydrated.

Are There Side Effects To Water Pills

As the intended or primary function of the water pill is lower blood pressure – people that have a normal blood pressure can find their blood pressure descreases and become almost dangerously low.

Are Water Pills Recommended For Weight Loss

Absolutely not – we do not recommend you buy a commercial or over the counter water pill to be used in conjunction with any weight loss process.

Water pills are ideally used under strict guidance from your GP or Doctor.

Alternative Slimming Pills

If you have a particularly high BMI (Body Mass Index) you may be eligible for prescription slimming pill.

Xenical prescription slimming pillXenical (Orlistat) is the most commonly prescribed.

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The Dangers Of Rapid Slimming

Slimming Too Quickly Can Be Dangerous

Dangers Of Rapid SlimmingTrying to slim can be a precarious time. The temptation is to try to lose is the quickest possible time – this though is not the wisest of decisions.

A strict slimming regime is a prerequisite, but if the intention is to up the ante several negative side effects such as heart disease, fatigue, hypertension, muscle atrophy, fainting, acidosis, dehydration, trouble with the gallbladder, seizures, sinus problems, malnutrition, depression, bloodshot eyes, or even weight gain.

Slimming products  such as the NV Rapid Weight Loss Pill do not encourage safe and healthy slimming

Blood glucose level may also reduce due to low calorie food which eventually affects brain. Thus the sugar metabolism by the body occurs from the protein which may lead to muscle waste in the long run.

Before planning for a diet regime, you should learn about the pros and cons of it.

In desperation, don’t overlook the adverse effects mentioned above and jump into the rapid weight loss program which assures instant results and instant health hazards.

It is necessary to understand and prevent the probable dangers. It is best to lose weight safely and gradually because your body may not be able adapt the sudden weight loss. You may feel sluggish and weary too. Lack of concentration may drive you away from your work.

Believe it or not, fat is required to obtain energy which is utilized for running various metabolic activities. But because of the rapid loss of weight, your body produces its own defensive system to cope with starving situation and ultimately can cause weight gain. That nullifies the reason for dieing.

Rapid weight loss also causes Bulimia nervosa, a disease from which malnutrition, loss of electrolytes, anemia, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal problems, osteoporosis and many more health troubles may develop.

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