Rapid Weight Loss Pills From NV

NV Rapid Slimming PillA better description according the marketing material would be  “NV Rapid Weight and Beauty Pill”.

Advertised and marketed as the “first rapid diet and beauty pill” it does tend to target the same audience and demographics as the other “wonder pill” Lipovox – but with a more high profile a premiere product image seemingly attached to it.

The sales and marketing guru’s at NxCare have packaged their product in a sexy red box that would be more appropriately aimed at the perfume marketplace.

Another coo is the presence of actress, model and all round thin person Carmen Electra – The face and body of NV.

NV Rapid Weight Loss and Beauty Pill Formula

The formula has three parts to it: Weight Loss, Energy and Beauty.

The slimming component does include some promising ingredients geared toward weight loss, such as:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Thobromide
  • Hoodia Gordonii Extract

but is rather unclear how much is included in each dosage. The most intersting ingredient is Hoodia Gordonii Extract – but it is not clear in the content if the p57 substance is present (the only active ingredient found in the Hoodia plant) of just by product.

The Energy and Beauty component to the NV formula  are possibly the most comprehensive in an otherwise, weak and diluted diet product that relies more on marketing hype, packaging and celebrity status.

Does The NV Rapid Weight Loss Pill Work

Probably not – all in one wonder pills generally do not.

NV Side Effects

If “no weight loss” is a side effect then yes.

Where To Buy NV Rapid Weight Loss and Beauty Formula

Every diet related store and website – it seems

Should I buy The NV Rapid Weight Loss and Beauty Pill

Not if you want to lose weight.

Looking Elsewhere

Products such the NV Weight Loss Pill are guilty of hype while also providing very little substance whereas products such as Capsiplex (although not totally devoid of hype) have real solid clinical evidence to validate their claims.

Upon its introduction Capsiplex sold out completely in first few days and has sold around 1,000,000 units to date.

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