FibreTrim Slimming Drink Review

There is a new slimming drink on the market called FibreTrim and unlike a majority of its competitors in the that particular genre has some pretty conclusive behind it.

FibreTrim has been formulated using the core ingredients of Zotrim. Zotrim is the slimming pill with perhaps the most clinical evidence and scientific study surrounding it. There have been over twenty years of clinical study around the merits of Damiana, Yerba Mate and Guarana and their benefits to weight loss.

FibreTrim – All the benefits of Zotrim but in a drink

In addition to these core ingredients, Fibretrim contains Inulin, Inulin has many benefits to human health. One of which is the fact that it feeds your friendly bacteria (Probiotics). The fact that Inulin does this, means it’s classed as a Prebiotic.

More about FibreTrim Ingredients

In the University of Liverpool study on food intake Zotrim alone resulted in an average 17.6% reduction in calorie intake at lunch. When inulin was given with Zotrim this increased the effect resulting in an average 26.7% reduction in food intake.

FibreTrim Clinical Evidence

There have been numerous high profile studies on the effects of the Zotrim key ingredients (Damiana, Yerba Mate and Guarana) including studies undertaken by the The British Food Journal and Kings College London.

Possibly the biggest indication to the effecacy of Zotrim was in 2009 when the BBC produced a “watchdog” style documentary titled Professor Regans Diet Clinic – the programme was an expose on the over the counter slimming pill industry in the UK.

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What Does FibreTrim Do For Weight Loss

  • FibreTrim can significantly reduce your calorie intake per meal by 200 calories (a 27% reduction)
  • FibreTrim can significantly reduce your pre-lunch hunger and appetite
  • Suppressing apetite can help you too resist overindulgence and urges for snacking you can reduce your consumption of high fat or sweets by a staggering 50%

Does Fibretrim Work Is It Recommended

All slimming products live or die by their own efficacy and reputation – Zotrim has been available to buy for over 10 years – FibreTrim is Zotrim albeit in a drinkable format.

Any slimming product that has existed for this kind of timescale should be given serious thought.

The ingredient contained within Fibretrim have quite possibly the best reputation for impartial clinical study.

Where To Buy FibreTrim

Available only from the official website.

Boots, Superdrug and big supermarket chains (Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys) are unlikely to stock.

The price is £24.95 for a 20 day supply (20 sachets) and available to buy as a 2 month supply (60 sachets) for £65.00

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