5 Slimming Tips

5 Best Free Slimming Tips

As we seem to be deepening into economic crisis it can be used as a great excuse to delay and put off that diet due to lack of funds.

Losing weight need not cost a lot, in fact here are 5 slimming tips that are either free or cost virtually nothing.

1. Suppress appetite with water – did you know that water is a very effective natural appetite suppressant. Sometimes when we feel the onset of hunger is not necessarily food that our body craves, it could rehydration.

The signals that our brain gives to our body that it is hungry is very close to the signal for thirst – so a simple glass of water can dull the appetite and prevent us from taking on a few hundred needless calories.

2. Detox once a week – Diet does not mean to “go without” but there occasions when it wont hurt. Once a week give your body a rest and only eat fresh fruit and vegetables giving meat and carbohydrates a welcome break.

Replace your morning coffee or tea with water or fruit juice – and walk rather than drive if possible.

3. Chew your food well – there have been numerous and well documented studies into the the effects of chewing your food properly. By properly, this means around 40 times per mouthful.

In a cross section of studies, subjects who chewed their food for approximately 4o times per mouthful felt the effects of satiety (fullness) quicker than those that didn’t. The result of reaching satiety quicker means taking on less calories.

4. Dont buy snacks in bulk – using the principle of “out of sight, out of mind” – simply hiding your favourite snacks is not really good enough, you will always find them in the end.

Leave your favourite chocolate bar in the shop, so when you absolutely cannot resist temptation you have to make the effort and visit the shop to buy the. Only buy single bars and not multi-packs

5. Spice Up Your Food – the media appears to have an obsession lately with adding spices to foods. This is not without good reason.

Latest study suggests that spices such as cayenne pepper , cinnamon and turmeric can significantly help prevent and reduce the build up of fat.

Cayenne pepper in particular is definitely worth investigating.

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Cameron Diaz And Slimming

Slimming And Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz, the beautiful Hollywood actress is proud of her slim and slender body. Cameron did not always possess a perfect body.

Her interest in having a shapely body started when she had to acquire a well-toned and a slim body for her movie Charlie’s Angels.

Thereafter she started maintaining a regular exercise program and a planned diet. For the film she had to go through a vigorous martial art training.

Before the film she had never exercised as she associated it with discomfort. For Charlie’s Angels she had to workout for three months regularly for five days in a week.

This made her body strong, and she realized the value of regular exercise. Now she goes to the gym to work out on an elliptical trainer for 30 minutes. Another 30 minutes she devotes to reverse lunges, light weights, and pilates.

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Cameron is very fond of golfing and other sports like hiking and snow boarding.

Cameron breaks down her meals into six parts. She believes in having protein-rich diet.

For breakfast she likes to have chicken or beef, broccoli, egg, garlic rice, and lemon. For lunch she prefers to have chicken or beef and salad. For dinner Cameron eats mushroom, tomato, onion, and egg. In between she takes protein shake with water, nuts, and fruits.

Cameron admits that she eats junk food at times but insists that it is done in moderation.

At times she follows what she calls reverse diet. In this, she eats a heavy breakfast, normal lunch, and a small dinner.

Whenever she feels that she needs to drop some extra weight she has low calorie broth soup of vegetables before dinner.

Best Slimming Tips

Top Tips For Successful Slimming

Slimming TipsBefore starting sort of diet of slimming regime – it is good advice to put pen to paper and write down your weight loss goals.

It is important not to over complicate matters and even more so to ensure that whatever slimming targets you have set for yourself are achievable.

Fad diets are exactly that a fad, so save yourself some time, money and frustration – get back to basics.

Here are some tips for successful slimming that do not cost a penny – all you need to do is follow.

1. Ensure that you drink plenty of fluids, water is probably the best for dieters – but for those that for whatever reason do not like the taste of water drink fruit juices, light tea infused with fruit flavors, etc. These will detoxify your system.

2. Remember to include at least five to ten servings of seasonal fruits and vegetables per day in your diet. Fruits have phytochemicals that can prevent diseases. Fruit is best served in as raw a state as possible, never boil vegetables – all the goodness is removed when food is boiled.

3. Eat only when you feel hungry – comfort eating is not that comfortable when you consider the calories you are introducing into your body. Chew your food well before swallowing and don’t eat to over indulgence.

4. Eat less and more often. Smaller meals consumed 4 to 5 times a day  can control your appetite as well as calorie intake.

5. According to the modern concept, a balanced diet with high but healthy protein and moderate carbohydrate along with regular fitness exercises helps best to reduce weight. Protein burns fat and conserves muscle mass.

6. If you prefer you meals to be hot and spicy – then add a bit of spice, many spices are low in calories and ideal for diets in moderation.

7. Fast food is major no-no, except on the odd occasion, if in doubt choose the ‘3H Food’ (Healthy, Home cooked, and Hygienic).

8. It is often said that you eat with your eyes. by putting your food on a smaller plate it will give the impression of a larger meal.

9. Never eat just before bedtime – this is the worse time to consumer food. Eat a larger portion at the start of the day, slightly smaller around lunch time and smaller still for dinner or in the evening.

10. Never eat food to relieve stress. Books, soothing music, meditation, physical activities and some good physical hobbies will relieve tension rather than a snack.

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