SlimQuick Razor Review

Slimquick Razor is a US originated slimming pill that claims to increase metabolism and  raise body temperature in an attempt to burn excess body fat

It is aimed at women and in particular female body builders

The official website states that SlimQuick razor is America’s Strongest Female Fat Burner while displaying an endorsement of a female body builder just to add clarity to their statement.

The packing displays a warningExtreme Fat Burner” an all too familiar marketing tactic employed by manufacturers from across the Atlantic by associating a fat with danger.

What Is SlimQuick Razor

In essence its just a common fat burning compound that is intended to peed up the metabolism and increase the body temperature in a process that is known as thermogenesis.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects include irritability, anxiety and possible restlessness –  in no small part due to the caffeine content. Pregnant or nursing mothers should refrain from using.

Does SlimQuick Razor Work

Thermogenesis is a tried and tested method of supporting not just weight loss but also fat loss. But the question is whether this actual product delivers on its promise.

The official website states thatyou can lose 25lbs in 90 dayswithout actually elaborating on how this can be achieved.

Where To Buy SlimQuick Razor In The Uk

It appears that purchases have to be made from the official website. There does not seem to be a UK high street stockist.

Is It Recommended

Hard to recommend over and above the like of Phen375 and Capsiplex

Phen375 in particular is hard to ignore. Phen375 is one of the strongest fat burners in circulation with numerous success stories attached to it.

It is manufactured in FDA approved laboratories something that very few products can lay claim to.

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