Prescription Only Slimming Pills

Prescription SLimming Pills

Slimming pills via prescription – means slimming pills that can only be obtained via a visit to your GP or doctor where he or she may prescribe.

Slimming pills that can be obtained through going to visit your GP or doctor are a totally different proposition to herbal based over the counter slimming pills. Prescription only slimming pills are drugs – make no mistake, they are pharmaceutically engineered chemicals.

Prescription slimming pills exist to treat the very overweight of morbidly obese – they will not be prescribed to anyone and certainly not for vanity.

Slimming Pills For Obesity

Obesity is becomming a pandemic and so more and more people are looking for a quick weight loss or diet method – slimming pills are extremely effective but some can be very harmful to your health. Possibly the most harmful are the prescription only drugs.

Your GP or doctor will asses your condition and lifestyle – he or she will probably calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) you can check your BMI here.

If your BMI is in the 40’s you are a likely candidate for a prescription. Mid thirties and your GP may discuss other ways of losing weight more naturally. Lower that 30 and you will have virtually no chance of obtaining.

Buy Prescription Slimming Pills

The obvious other route is to buy prescription slimming over the internet. This highly advised against. Firstly you have a good chance of buying something that is not genuine – a replica slimming product that looks exactly like the authentic product. Secondly a side effect may occur, from the minor to possible fatal.

Never buy prescription slimming pills – always obtain via a visit to your GP. If you do not qualify then you either do not need to take a slimming pills to control your weight – or you should prehaps invisatigate or try the natural herbal based alternative.

Xenical is the most likely and commonn prescribed diet pill – More about Xenical here.