Diet Source Reviewed

Diet Source ReviewDiet Source is the latest addition to the already impressive range of slimming products at Holland & Barrett.

It is manufactured by Nutritional Concepts and contains a complete weight management program for one calender month.

The concept is targeted towards removing the confusion from weight management by combining several slimming products in one. Whether Diet Source achieves its goal is up for interpretation.

What Is The Diet Source

  • A full 28 day course of four Nutritional Supplements products
  • 28 Day Nutrition Healthy Eating and Slimming Plan
  • Fitness & Exercise Programme
  • Weight Loss, Keep Fit Training Recommendations

The 4 diet products are as follows

  1. Thermo Lean (fat burner)
    – A combination of herbs and nutrients that are essential when trying to slim which support sugar metabolism, energy levels and breaks down fats including chromium, L-Carnitine and Guarana.
  2. Bio Cleanse (appetite suppressor)
    – Containing Oatbran, Psyllium Husk, Acidophilus and other fibre containing ingredients – Bio Cleanse is ideal for maintaining the digestive process and keeping your bowel movement regular.
  3. Hydro Balance with Potassium (The fluid regulating supplement!)
    – This formula contains Potassium, and a range of herbs which play the role of maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance.
  4. Omega Lean (The ‘toning’ supplement!)
    – This formula aid with the breakdown of excess body fat. It contains CLA which plays a vital role in reducing body fat and increasing muscle tone.

Any Side Effects

Should not cause side effects if taken as recommended.

Does Diet Source Work

Not the most potent of supplements, the diet plan is nothing new.

Where To Buy

Currently available either in store or from the Holland & Barret Online Store

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