New Thin Slimming Pills

Latest New Slimming PillsRecently the worlds press announced the future arrival of the the Thin Pill – a revolutionary new slimming pill that could solves the worlds obesity problem.

This new slimming pill is not due for release for at least a decade or so…

Boffins at the UCL (University College London) are testing and developing a slimming pill that can make you feel full and satisfied after eating a greatly reduced food portion . The UCL have obviously not heard of Hoodia Gordonii or Phentermine

The new Thin Pill is targeted to achieving the same dramatic results that can be achieved by gastric banding or gastroplasty (stapling of the stomach) which is a process whereby the stomach is restricted from expanding by way of a medical procedure.

The realistic and apparent problems with gastroplasty is that surgery is not without risk with one out of every hundred patients dying within twelve months – a side effect that not even the most determined dieter would risk.

What Are Thin Pills

The Thin SLimming PillThe Thin Pill is called so only in concept – there is no brand name as of yet – but considering that a “Thin Pill” would be a dream to market maybe it be called so.

It is being described as chemical gastric banding – or gastric banding without the gastric band. The Thin Pill shouldn’t be confused with Thinz Slimming Pills

At this stage the technology is by the by and a long way off from realisation but foe those a certain disposition, the Thin Pill is based around two proteins P2Y1 and P2Y11 that transmit signals to the brain and can control stomach expansion. Again…have these weight loss scientists not heard of Hoodia or other natural appetite suppressants.

The weight loss world is almost in agreement that eating too much is the main course of weight gain – and by reverse engineering this theory the best way to lose weight is to eat less food.

Stopping the need or want for food be it mental or physical is the obvious answer to the obesity crisis.

Will The Thin Pill Work

Suppressing appetite is not a new discovery, in fact it is one of the most ancient  slimming methods with African and Indian tribespeople using natural plant extracts to control their hunger.

So until then we will just have to make do with the thousands of other new breeds of slimming pills that offer us weight loss and a slender body but without the ten year wait.

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