A Quarter Of British Women Are Obese

The results of survey recently undertaken do not make good reading if you are British. Latest figures indicate that UK women are the fattest in Europe with their male counterparts only fairing slightly better.

The results of the survey are not a total shock, the biggest shock was that the UK has won something.

A quite surprising statistic though was that both Maltese women and men ran the UK close with Maltese women coming second and Malta’s men being the most obese in Europe.

Other nations that deserve a mention are Greece with male and females scoring 17.6% – I wonder if the austerity measures currently put in place in Greece will see these number improve over the coming months,

Anther interesting statistic was that former Soviet states Lativa and Estonia were at the higher end of the obesity league matching Britain’s penchant for overindulgence.

At the other end the fat table Romania and Italy were the countries least affected by Obesity.

Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Finland and Sweden did not partake in the survey.

Full fat league table below.

How Are The Obesity Results Calculated

The results are calculated using the universal scale of Body Mass Index (BMI), where the weight in KG is divided by the square of the height in metres (or something)

A body mass index of between 18.5 and 24.9 is generally accepted to be considered healthy, while a measurement over 25 is overweight and higher than 30 indicates obesity.

Calculate Your Body Mass Index

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