Brooke Shields On Slimming

The fabulous actress Brooke Shields still has a beautiful body. At 43 she has no problems in wearing a bikini.

In her recent interviews she shares some details about how she managed to get back into shape after her two babies and an operation.

She does not believe in being very thin. She would rather prefer to have a slim, strong, and healthy body.

She feels that she has to plan out a program for herself to keep fit than leaving it to a trainer. She feels that dancing keeps her fit and slim.

She feels stronger when she is dancing. As a part of her slimming program she goes for a hike in the morning.

The most effective way that she feels she loses weight is by spinning. By keeping the heat rate up, she burns up the extra calories. In the afternoons she prefers to do Yoga.

As far as eating habits are concerned she does not recommend a diet plan for herself. She eats what she likes.

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She doesn’t believe in abstaining also. She feels that if she denies herself she would want to eat more. Instead she likes to eat small portion throughout the day than having big meals. T

his way she feels she eats less because she is never hungry.

Brooke Shields feels that one should give time to the body to come back to shape after child birth. She does not believe in doing things which she does not want to do like going to the gym for hours or cutting down on the food she likes.

She would rather do things she likes and make it work for her.

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