Can I Buy Statin Pills Without Prescription

Latest reports released by the media have highlighted and reconfirmed the exceptional health benefits of Statin.

Statins have a high success rate in reducing bad LDL cholesterol levels and now it is thought that they can also help to ward off other disease, serious infections and respiratory ­disease.

Statin pills are said to have been responsible for saving tens of thousands of lives in recent years. But it is now claimed that they can help significantly reduce the number of deaths from infections and other associated respiratory ­illnesses such as pneumonia.

The Daily Express has featured an article that described and details the recent research – Read About Statin in the Daily Express

Can I Buy Statin Without Prescription

Over 6 million people use statins to decrease harmful ­levels of artery-clogging “bad” LDL cholesterol.

At one point there was a consideration to allow individuals who met a certain criteria to be able buy Statin pills without prescription over the counter at high street chemists and pharmacies.

These plans appear to have been shelved and Statin continues to be by prescription only.

The British Heart Foundation revealed that statins are now responsible for around 20% of the total number of all heart medicines prescribed every 12 months  in England. Statins are being given to patients at a rate of more than a million prescriptions a week.

The internet is great source of information but also a great mechanism for the black market – do not on any account try to buy Statins or any branded generic from of Statin pills from any website as they will almost certainly be fake.

Your first course of action with regard to any drug class medication should always be your GP or doctor.

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