Slimming Pills – Fequently Asked Question

Slimming Pills FAQ

Slimming pills are not all the same – there is not a one size fits all slimming pill. Some slimming pills are effective, safe and are bourne out of reputable companies…others are not. The FAQ below will hopefully answer a few of the commonly asked question surrounding slimming pills.

What are the different types of slimming pills

Without wishing to complicate thing there are generally 2 types – slimming pills that effect the brain, appetite suppressants and pills that effect the stomach, fat burners, fat binders etc.

Which is better a slimming pill that works in the brain or one that works in the stomach

A slimming pill that works in the brain (appetite suppressant) can be described as a preventative measure – stopping the cause of the problem. A reduction in the amount of calories consumed will have a weight reducing effect.

Slimming pills that work in the stomach cause a physical reaction by either absorbing fat or stopping the absorbtion of fat.

As to which is better prevention or cure it can depend on the individual. Extremely overweight or obese people need the problem tackled and so a physical remedy is preffered. Whereas someone who needs only to shift a few pounds in a non obtrussive manner would probably be better off taking an appetite suppressant.

Can slimming pills cause side effects

Yes – some slimming tablets can be extremely bad for your short term and long term health. It is very important to understand the possible effects taking a pill can have on your body. herbal slimming pills are least likley to produce a side effect.

Prescription slimming pills – can I get slimming pills from my doctor

You can if you are considered dangersously overweight of obese – typically if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is over 30 (some GP’s use 34 and over now as a benchmark) the your GP or doctor may prescribe a course of diet pills. The type of slimming pills prescribed may vary.

The most likley are Xenical, Meridia or Reductil. Meridia and Reductil can cause unpleasnt side effects. Remember that prescribed slimming pills are pharmaceutical grade drugs and should be taken under healthcare supervision.

Can I buy sliming pills over the counter

Yes, but remember that different rules apply to the over the counter slimming pill market to that of the prescription route. As over the counter (OTC) are in the main herbal, different rules and regulations apply.

I have heard that Hoodia is the most effective appetite suppressant – is this true

Hoodia Gordonii is very effective as a preventative weight loss aid but it is estimated that over 80% of the Hoodia type products you see advertised on the web and in health stores do not actually contain the p57 ingredient. It is not “Hoodia” that aids weight loss but only one of 12 ingredients extracted  from the plant – this ingredient is called p57.

When buying a Hoodia product look for CITES certification – this is proof  that the Hoodia tablet you are buying contains genuine Hoodia p57 extract.

What are fat burners – do fat burners work

Fat burning slimming pills are supposed to burn fat by increasing the metabolic rate of the body – there is no clinical data to suggest that fat burning can be acheived by taking a pill. In order for a fat burning pill to work calories need first to be ingested by the body and then removed

Fat binding or fat blocking is by the far the most effective way of stopping fat from being absorbed into the body.

Could I potentially overdose on slimming pills

Yes, never exceed the stated dose – expecially prescription only slimming pills. You will noy lose weight any quicker. Losing weight should be done in safe controlled manner.

What Is the most effective slimming pill to buy over the counter

Read our reviews and come to your own conclusion – remember that the over counter slimming pill market is a business like any other, just because it has the endorsement of a celebrity it does not mean that the product will live up to expectation.

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