Hydroxycut Slimming Pills Review

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Hydroxycut is advertised as America’s No 1 selling weight loss supplement. It is probably one of the best selling slimming pills worldwide. The media budget that is available to Hydroxycut is huge and advertised worldwide.

The original Hydroxycut formula did contain Ephedra – a now banned substance. The latest incarnation is Ephedra free.

Hydroxycut has been available to buy now for over 10 years and remained relatively unchanged from the first release – with the exception of the removal of Ephedra.

Hydroxycut How Does It Work

Billed as a premium weight loss support supplement that contains many unique patent protected compounds and ingredients. The use of the word support is refreshing – it it highly encouraged to work with the formula and not just rely soley on the effects of the slimming pill. Exercise and a modification of diet is recommended.

The two unique ingredients that stand out or Hydroxagen Plus and HydroxyTea – both have clinical research attached to them and have been proven to increase energy levels and provide a metabolism boost and calorie burning effect.

Hydroxycut Side Effects

Fat burners can produce a fair amount of side effects but in essence, Hydroxycut can be best described as a carb blocker than a fat burner. Carb blockers can be effective and do not pose a risk to health provided a reliance on Chitosan is not present. More about Chitosan here.

Hydroxycut Does It Work

The simple fact that this product has survived for over 10 years speaks volumes. It has had its fair share of negative press several years ago – mainly due to the use of an ingredient mentioned earlier. In its defence most other weight loss products were using the same or similar substances that are not in use today.

The testimonials given by successful dieters are many and there is not an awful lot of negativity surrounding it nowadays.

Where To Buy Hydroxycut

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