New Slimming Pills That Could Reduce Body Fat By Half

Wonder Slimming Tablets to reduce obesity and body fatThis year so far has been one of the busiest ever for the slimming pill industry

Alli was released in the UK in the early spring followed by Appesat – two contrasting products but both vying for media attention.

Alli obviously won the battle, any product that tries to compete with a major pharmaceutical company such as GlaxoSmithKline will always come out second best.

Now it seems a new slimming pill is on the horizon.

The Daily Express newspaper were the first to run with a story entitled  РNew Wonder Pill Cuts Fat By Half

This is reference to a project headed by several scientists that have allegedly created a formula that could reduce body fat by just under half in under week.


Meratol the new “miracle slimming pill” is now available to buy without prescription.

Meratol can reduce calorie intake, block the absorption of carbohydrates and fat, speed up metabolism and burn fat.

It is estimated that it can burn up to 310 calories effortlessly and help you to lose around 3 – 5lbs per week

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It is suggested that the slimming pill will be on the market around 2014 and most likely aimed at the prescription only market – so not available to buy over the counter.

As yet,  no absolute specifics have been revealed Рthe initial findings are that the drug is an artificially enhanced hormonal combination of glucagon and a glucagon derivative. Glucagon is a natural hormone that controls how our body converts fuel (fat) into energy.

Slimming Pills And Clinical Trials

Chemically produced product aimed at the prescription only marketplace do not have a particularly good track record  as far as the safety aspect is concerned.

In recent months two high profile slimming products have come under immense scrutiny as serious, potentially fatal side effects have been documented.

Acomplia based on the drug Rimonabant was withdrawn from the market after a very high number of health issues were reported – involving some fatalities.

Alli slimming pills and serious side effectsThis was closely followed by potentially serious side effects that could be connected with Alli (the over the counter slimming drug, Orlistat).

So far Alli is still available to purchase freely over the counter. More about Alli

Obesity and the associated health risks such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer are a great strain on the NHS financially.

This does tend to beg several questions surrounding just how deeply chemically produced slimming drugs are tested prior to release

In their haste to find a cure for obesity, scientists are not dedicating enough time to understanding the long term potential problems that could occur.

The biggest factor involved with connection to the safety aspect of any product is time – lets hope the 5 year wait will not be in vein.

Alternative Natural Slimming Pills

The natural world does offer alternatives. Chemically created slimming drugs offer what is generally regarded as a quicker weight loss solution but are often described as weight loss nuclear style.

Pharmaceuatically produced slimming pills often create just as many health issues as they solve.

Natural herbal slimming pillsThe natural world has several substances that have been used for centuries and often included in many of today’s commercially available slimming products.

Herbal based slimming products are less likely to cause a serious side effect.

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