Does Phosphacore Work

Phospacore slimming pillsPhosphacore is the self proclaimed cure for belly fat – it has supposed clinical evidence and is also doctor recommended.

Phosphacore is also remarkably similar to dozens of other fat burner slimming pills available and has an American type jingoistic approach to its marketing.

It is manufactured by Applied Nutritional Research and here are some examples of the key benefits highlighted on the official website.

  • Lose 1″ of belly fat every 7 days
  • Replace fat with muscle
  • Doctor endorsed

The interesting key point is the reference to doctor approval. It appears that the doctor in question is Dr Perricone.

With the utmost respect to Dr Perricone he is quite vocal in his admiration for one or two other slimming pills available on the open market. The most notable being Lipovox

Phosphacore How Does It Work

According to the official website “research from Norway’s Medstat Medical Centre shows the active ingredient in Phosphacore (an extract from the plant Carthamus tinctorius) rapidly oxidizes subcutaneous abdominal adipose tissue.

Other than the official explanation there is not an awful lot of information that goes into greater detail.

Side Effects Of Phosphacore

Again, largely unknown – although fat burners can contain a high concentration of caffeine or other stimulants that can cause headaches, insomnia and restlessness.

Is Phosphacore Recommended

Not by us. Even if there was a shred of compelling evidence the official website does not provide any kind of contact details. There is not a phone number anywhere to be seen should the need arise to contact customer service.

Other Slimming Pills To Consider

Capsiplex – the fat burner that has been the centre of unprecedented media attention mainly due to its ingredients that have been proven burn nearly 280 calories per day without work by the user..

Capsiplex sold out completely when it was released onto the market and has since sold in excess of 1 million bottles.

Capsiplex is called the “miracle slimming pill” and has an ingredient found in NHS prescription only slimming tablets.

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