African Mango Slimming Pills

African Mango
is now available in the UK. The superfruit that can provide a slimming solution for the lazy has arrived after much anticipation and nothing short of hysteria on the other side of the Atlantic.

The American media have featured the benefits of African Mango after health evangelist Dr Oz claimed that it could help dieters lose 10lbs quite easily and described it as the “miracle slimming supplement in your bathroom cabinet.”

Dr Oz, for those aren’t familiar is Vice-Chairman and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University. He is also a renowned author of over 400 book connected to improving health. He has is own prime time TV show called rather aptly the Dr Oz Show. When he speaks America listens.

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What Is African Mango

African Mango is similar in appearance to a normal mango. It is grown and harvested in Cameroon, West Africa. It is also known by its proper name Irvingia Gabonensis.

Although the outer skin and soft fleshy fruit is a high nutrition and vitamin source it is the seeds (Irvingia Gabonensis seeds) that are of most interest from a slimming perspective.

How Can African Mango Help You To Lose Weight

Clinical studies the world over for the past two decades have resulted in quite remarkable findings. Many independent trials have indicated that subjects who took African Mango on a regular basis lost on average 10lbs in their first month – without making any significant changes to lifestyle or dietary habits.

The major benefits include:

  • Burns excess body fat 
  • Suppresses appetite making you feel fuller quicker
  • Provides additional energy
  • Lowers cholesterol levels

Any Negatives Or Side Effects

There has been nothing reported of any great consequence – although pregnant or nursing mothers should consult with their doctor before usage.

Where To Buy African Mango In The UK

Not yet available to buy in the likes of Boots, Holland and Barrett or Tesco yet but can be purchased online from reputable stockists.

Perhaps the best example of an African Mango slimming pill we have seen is Evo Slimmings African Mango Advanced

Containing 2400mg of the active ingredient it is a dosage that not many other brands can boast.

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