New Slimming Pills 2012

New Slimming Pills 2012

The commercial slimming pill industry has just experienced its most profitable and successful year to date – 2012 looks set to be even better.

April saw quite possibly the biggest shake up with a new ruling (particularly as far as the UK is concerned) meaning only products that have pedigree, certification or some sort of proof of efficacy can exist. This has basically meant the demise the dodgy slimming pill while simultaneously pushing the real, proper certified product to prominence.

With this in mind here are the top 5 slimming pills going into 2012 – if you cannot find something here to suit it highly unlikely anything will!

Nuratrim – Can Burn 380 Calories

Released in time for the new season (2012) and with it a blaze of media attention.

Nuratrim is a natural appetite suppressant and fat burner with a highly effective mechanic of action. The main ingredients are Glucomannan, Capsiscum, Green Coffee and Licorice Extract.

The Daily Mail has recently featured Nuratrim, drawing attention to its initial introduction earlier in the year when stock levels ran dry after its stateside launch.

Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Aniston have all been identified as celebrity customer according to the Daily Mail.

Nuratrim is documented as being able help you to burn approximately 380 calories per day.

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Capsiplex – Equivalent To Jogging For 25 Minutes

The original chili slimming pill that has spawned dozens of similar products. Capsiplex is the original and best.

Another commercial slimming pill that has enjoyed press attention with several stories throughout the year commenting on its success and also association with celebrity.

The lastest celebrity to find success using Capsiplex was former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallet.

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Proactol Plus – Can Prevent 27% Of Fat Being Digested

One of the industries longest serving products. Proactol Plus has accreditation and certification that not many other brands can rival.

Proactol Plus is both a fat binder and appetite suppressant – this dual action has been responsible for numerous weight loss success stories in many countries across the globe.

Proactol Plus is a completely natural product and has no side effects.

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What Country Has The Fattest Women In Europe

A Quarter Of British Women Are Obese

The results of survey recently undertaken do not make good reading if you are British. Latest figures indicate that UK women are the fattest in Europe with their male counterparts only fairing slightly better.

The results of the survey are not a total shock, the biggest shock was that the UK has won something.

A quite surprising statistic though was that both Maltese women and men ran the UK close with Maltese women coming second and Malta’s men being the most obese in Europe.

Other nations that deserve a mention are Greece with male and females scoring 17.6% – I wonder if the austerity measures currently put in place in Greece will see these number improve over the coming months,

Anther interesting statistic was that former Soviet states Lativa and Estonia were at the higher end of the obesity league matching Britain’s penchant for overindulgence.

At the other end the fat table Romania and Italy were the countries least affected by Obesity.

Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Finland and Sweden did not partake in the survey.

Full fat league table below.

How Are The Obesity Results Calculated

The results are calculated using the universal scale of Body Mass Index (BMI), where the weight in KG is divided by the square of the height in metres (or something)

A body mass index of between 18.5 and 24.9 is generally accepted to be considered healthy, while a measurement over 25 is overweight and higher than 30 indicates obesity.

Calculate Your Body Mass Index

New Slimming Drug Could Put An End To Obesity



Adipotide Slimming Drug

Adipotide Experimental Slimming Pill

A new experimental slimming drug is being reported in the media (The Daily Mail in particular) after successful trials on monkeys has opened the route to start testing the drug on humans in the near future

Adipotide is being described as the non surgical answer to obesity and said to target body fat by attacking the blood cells that supply them.

The trials (involving the monkey’s) resulted in the subjects losing 11% of their body weight in just under a month. Total BMI (Body Mass Index) was also significantly reduced as was waist size.

Adipotide is siad to be unlikely to cause side effects usually associated with chemically produced slimming drugs such as nausea, anxiety and potential dependency.

Although it is very early days to be subjective, it is unlikely that Adipotide  will be available to buy over the counter at chemists such as Boots or without prescription.

Industry insiders are “tepidly excited” about Adipotide but are not holding their breathe as the slimming drug (if successful after human testing) will take several years before it is available for general use.

Slimming Pills Available Now

If you cannot wait years for Adipotide to be released there is always Capsiplex.

Capsiplex is a commercial slimming pill that is arguably become the most popular non prescription slimming pill in the UK.

It was coined the “NHS miracle fat pill

Capsiplex is also no stranger to media coverage – when it was first introduced it made headline news by creating such demand that stock levels ran completely dry after just three days.

Capsiplex is result of decades of research into the effect of capsicum on excess body fat. Capsicum has amazing thermogenic capabilities but is also hot (spicy) to taste and so subsequently the manufacturers had to develop a way to encapsulate capsicum without causing gastric irritation.

Suffice to say they did and now hold the key to one of the most effective slimming products in recent times.

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